Hermann Rempfler, Dieter Durr, Rudolf C Thummel: 2-analino pyrimidine compounds. Ciba Geigy Corporation, Kevin T Mansfield, Edward McC Roberts, October 27, 1992: US05159078 (37 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to novel N-phenyl-N-pyrimidin-2-ylureas having a herbicidal and plant growth-regulating activity, to agrochemical compositions containing those substances as active ingredients, to the use of the novel ureas for controlling weeds or for regulating plant growth, and to p ...

Hubele Adolf Dr: Microbicides.. Ciba-Geigy, December 14, 1988: EP0295210-A1 (37 worldwide citation)

Novel compounds of the formula in which: R1 and R2 independently of one another represent hydrogen, halogen, C1-C3-alkyl, C1-C2-haloalkyl, C1-C3-alkoxy or C1-C3-haloalkoxy; R3 represents hydrogen, C1-C4-alkyl; C1-C2-alkyl which is substituted by halogen or hydroxyl, or represents cyclopropyl or cycl ...

Colin P Smith: Method and apparatus for spraying agrochemicals. Shell Oil Company, November 23, 1976: US03993245 (32 worldwide citation)

A spraying apparatus is charged with pesticide, and optionally also pressurized, by the attachment and puncture of a pressurized container of agrochemical.

Julia Lynne Cutler, Michael John Bean: Agrochemical formulation. ZENECA, David P LeCoy, September 12, 2000: US06117820 (31 worldwide citation)

An aqueous agrochemical concentrate formulation comprises a) an agrochemical electrolyte such as salts of glyphosate, fomesafen, glufosinate, paraquat or bentazone, b) an alkoxylated adjuvant, c) an alkylglycoside and d) a co-surfactant which interacts with the alkylglycoside to form a structured aq ...

Lawrence Jeffrey Cyril, Coffee Ronald Alan, Middleton Michael Robert: Agrochemical formulations.. Ici, January 9, 1980: EP0006293-A1 (31 worldwide citation)

Agrochemical formulations, especially herbicidal formulations, comprising water-in-oil emulsions of mean particle size below 10 microns wherein the oil phase is from 50 to 99% by weight, the aqueous phase being from 1 to 50% by weight and containing 1 to 25% by weight of a water-soluble agrochemical ...

Masahiko Koike: Aqueous suspension of agrochemical. Takeda Chemical, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack L, October 23, 2001: US06306414 (30 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to an aqueous suspension comprising (i) a compound of the formula:

Samuel T Gouge, James E Shue: Bag in a bag for containerization of toxic or hazardous material. Rhone Poulenc, James G Passe, October 4, 1994: US05351831 (24 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a containerization system comprising at least one inner water soluble (or water dispersible) bag located within an outer water soluble (or water dispersible) bag. Each water soluble bag independently contains an agrochemical that does not substantially dissolve the b ...


Jill E Newton, Richard M Clapperton, William J Nicholson: Biocidal and agrochemical suspensions comprising a structured surfactant with an oil component. August 20, 1996: US05547918 (23 worldwide citation)

A biocidal or agrochemical composition comprising particles or droplets of a substantially water-insoluble or sparingly-soluble biocidally-or agrochemically-active substance cosuspended, by an aqueous structured surfactant, with an aliphatic hydrocarbon or glyceride oil, wherein the weight ratio of ...

Isao Minamida, Koichi Iwanaga, Tetsuo Okauchi: Alpha-unsaturated amine pyridine compounds. Takeda Chemical, Wegner Cantor Mueller & Player, December 29, 1992: US05175301 (23 worldwide citation)

.alpha.-Unsaturated amines of the formula: ##STR1## wherein X.sup.1 and X.sup.2 are such that one is an electron-attracting group with the other being a hydrogen atom or an electron-attracting group; R.sup.1 is a group attached through a nitrogen atom; R.sup.2 is a hydrogen atom or a group attached ...

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