Hans E Iverson, Kerstin K Iverson: Infused high BTU combustion composition and method of making and using the same. IHB TECHNOLOGIES, Fox Rothschild, November 7, 2017: US09809775

An organic fuel additive for improving the combustion of a bioenergy solid fuel product, the organic fuel additive comprising a mixture of combustible organic fines and a polymer material, wherein the polymer material encapsulates the combustible organic fines in solid form, and methods of making an ...

James S Rhodes III: Solid phase biomass carbon storage (SPBCS). Proskauer Rose, October 2, 2012: US08280795

A computerized method of using a data processor having a memory to account for carbon flows and determine a regulatory value for a biofuel includes (i) storing, in memory, a first set of one or more carbon flow values characterizing the production and use of a biofuel, wherein the biofuel is derived ...

Shrikumar Suryanarayan, Sri Sailaja Nori, Sawan Kumar, Nelson Vadassery, Sowmyalakshmi Balendiran, Sayash Kumar: Process of production of renewable chemicals and biofuels from seaweeds. Sea6 Energy Private, Brinks Gilson & Lione, June 27, 2017: US09688595

A scalable and sustainable process for production of renewable chemicals and biofuel from seaweed in its own juices or in seawater without desalination of the seaweeds is provided herein. The process as disclosed in the preset invention is an eco-friendly process for production of renewable chemical ...

Xiao Zhang: Methods to convert lignin to phenolic and carboxylate compounds. Washington State University, Pepper Hamilton, October 3, 2017: US09775347

A method of converting lignin to phenolic compounds and dicarboxylates in high yield is described. The method involves the use of peroxy acids to react with lignin at a moderated treatment conditions. The peroxy acids can be used along or in combination of other catalysts that have the capability to ...

Huimin Zhao, Nikhil Unni Nair, Michael Racine, Ryan Woodyer: Production of xylitol from a mixture of hemicellulosic sugars. The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, ZuChem, McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff, April 18, 2017: US09624517

Materials and methods are described to produce xylitol from a mixture of hemicellulosic sugars by several routes. Examples include either as a direct co-product of a biorefinery or ethanol facility, or as a stand-alone product produced from an agricultural or forestry biomass feedstock including usi ...

James A Dumesic, Ali Hussain Motagamwala: Method to produce biomass-derived compounds using a co-solvent system containing gamma-valerolactone. Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, Joseph T Leone Esq, DeWitt Ross & Stevens S C, June 27, 2017: US09688845

A method to produce an aqueous solution of carbohydrates containing C5- and/or C6-sugar-containing oligomers and/or C5- and/or C6-sugar monomers in which biomass or a biomass-derived reactant is reacted with a solvent system having an organic solvent, and organic co-solvent, and water, in the presen ...

Jung Hoon Sohn, Hyun Jin Kim, Chul Ho Kim, Ji Hun Seomoon, Bong Hyun Sung, Kwang Mook Lim, Mi Jin Kim, Jong Hyun Kim: Mutant beta-glucosidases having enhanced activity and a method for producing bioethanol using the same. KOREA RESEARCH INSITUTE OF BIOSCIENCE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, Lathrop & Gage, Brian C Trinque, August 1, 2017: US09719112

The present invention relates to beta-glucosidase that is mutated to have enhanced activity, and a method for producing bioethanol using the same. More particularly, the present invention relates to a polynucleotide encoding beta-glucosidase that is mutated to have enhanced activity, beta-glucosidas ...

Ho Nancy W Y, Tsao George T: Recombinant yeasts for effective fermentation of glucose and xylose. Purdue Research Foundation, August 28, 1996: EP0728192-A1

Described are recombinant yeasts containing genes encoding xylose reductase, xylitol dehydrogenase and xylulokinase, and DNA molecules, vectors and methods useful for producing such yeasts. The recombinant yeasts effectively ferment xylose to ethanol, and preferred yeasts are capable of simultaneous ...

Karen A McDonald, Abhaya Dandekar, Bryce W Falk, Mysore R Sudarshana, Sandra L Uratsu, Michael A Plesha, Ting Kuo Huang: Chemically inducible cucumber mosaic virus protein expression system. THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Morrison & Foerster, March 28, 2017: US09605270

The invention relates to a novel chemically inducible plant viral amplicon (CMViva) expression system that permits controllable, high level expression of foreign genes in plant hosts. This system employs agro-infiltration of plants to provide a transient production of a protein of interest, such as ...

Mark A Kozubal, Richard E Macur, William P Inskeep: Acidophilic fusarium oxysporum strains, methods of their production and methods of their use. SUSTAINABLE BIOPRODUCTS HOLDINGS, Gorman IP Law APC, October 24, 2017: US09796989

The present invention provides isolated acidophilic Fusarium oxysporum strains, such as MK7, and their progeny, compositions comprising such strains and their progeny, methods of producing such strains and their progeny, and methods of using such strains and their progeny.

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