ANDERSON CHARLES W: Biosolid storage and dispersal. THE ANDERSONS, Goldstein Avery N, September 15, 2011: WO/2011/113039 (1 worldwide citation)

A particle is provided that includes 5 wt % to 90 wt % of agricultural biomass, combustion residues, biosolids, or a combination thereof. A binder intermixed with the agricultural biomass, combustion residues, biosolids, or a combination thereof retains the mixture in the form of a particle. The res ...

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This invention provides emulsions and adhesives comprising proteins that can be isolated from a variety of sources including renewable plant biomass, and methods of making and using such emulsions and adhesives.

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The invention provides protein adhesives and methods of making and using such adhesives. The protein adhesives contain ground plant meal or an isolated polypeptide composition obtained from plant biomass.

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A compound energy co-generation system converts forestry, agricultural, and similar biomass to energy at the source farm. A working fluid reserve at the base is coupled with a boiler inlet. The boiler has a combustion chamber, a vertically rising exhaust stack, and a liquid jacket around the combust ...

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A system reclaiming contaminated water includes a heat exchanger that receives the contaminated water and converts at least a portion of the contaminated water into steam and collects at least a portion of the contaminants within the heat exchanger. A thermal transfer fluid is heated by a heat excha ...

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A fuel made from co-products derived from a lignocellulosic biomass fermentation process is used to fuel a cement production process. Filter cake and syrup co-products are mixed and dried, then burned in a cement kiln to create the temperatures needed for cement production.

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The present invention relates to the production of sugar hydrolysates from cellulosic material. The method may be used e.g. for producing fermentable sugars for the production of bioethanol from lignocellulosic material. Cellulolytic enzymes and their production by recombinant technology is describe ...

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A harvesting system is provided that includes a primary harvester for harvesting grain and biomass, a biomass harvester for further processing the biomass, and a tugger and accumulator coupled between the primary harvester and the biomass harvester. The tugger and accumulator includes an onboard pow ...

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The invention relates to a process for the preparation of a sugar product from ligno-cellulosic material, comprising the following steps: a) optionally pre-treatment of the ligno-cellulosic material; b) optionally washing of the optionally pre-treated ligno-cellulosic material; c) enzymatic hydrolys ...

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A lighter device (10) is provided having a handle (12), an ignitable material (14) carried by the handle, a striker material (16) for igniting the ignitable material (14), and a mirror (20) selectively carried by the handle. The mirror (20) can be slideably removable and can be reinserted into the h ...