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Adsorbent compositions and their preparation are disclosed for the adsorption of elemental mercury.

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A method and apparatus in accordance with the invention is described which comprises treating an engine exhaust gas stream containing hydrocarbons and other pollutants. The method of this invention comprises the steps of flowing the exhaust gas stream through a catalytic member comprising a monolith ...

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Impregnated carbon adsorbents for the removal of mercury from liquid hydrocarbons are used in a variety of applications. The activated carbon impregnated adsorbents in the present invention remain effective in removing mercury. Generally, these activated carbons are comprised of an activated carbon ...

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Pelletized adsorbent compositions and methods of adsorbing toxic target compounds are provided for the destructive adsorption or chemisorption of toxic or undesired compounds. The pelletized adsorbents are formed by pressing together powder nanocrystalline particles comprising a metal hydroxide or a ...

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The internal corrosion of metal mufflers used in conjunction with internal combustion engines is substantially retarded by maintaining in the external void space thereof an adsorbent mass of a combination of crystalline zeolites having the crystal structure of chabazite and the crystal structure of ...

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A novel sorbent comprising zinc oxide and a Group IIA metal silicate. A process for the removal of hydrogen sulfide from a fluid stream that comprises contacting a fluid stream with the novel sorbent. A further feature of this invention includes a novel method for preparing a composition comprising ...

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Adsorbent compositions are prepared by the addition of crystalline molecular sieves to latexes. The resulting latex polymer bonded zeolites have improved attrition resistance in separations involving an aqueous medium.

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The present invention relates to non-resinous adsorbents and methods of manufacturing them. These agents have been found to neutralize or remove inhibitory and antimicrobial substances found in test samples and culture media.

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Adsorbers used to dry air frequently contain 4A or 13X molecular sieve zeolites, which are intermittently reactivated by thermal regeneration. When the air pressure in a thermally regenerated adsorber is increased, such as during start-up, after adsorbent reloading, after apparatus repair, maintenan ...

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The incorporation of waxes into thermoplastic adsorbent compositions enables the formation of high adsorbent loading compositions which have suitable flowability properties. The wax-containing thermoplastic adsorbent compositions are especially useful as thermoplastic adsorbent adhesives for use in ...