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Aldimines of formula (I) that are particularly suitable as latent hardeners in curable compositions, particularly compositions having one or two-component isocyanate groups. Due to the presence of the reactive group, they can be converted to compounds of formulas (X) and (XII) having aldimine groups ...

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The present invention relates to adhesive and sealant compositions in non-flowable form. More particularly, the present invention relates to non-flowable adhesive and sealant compositions which are particularly useful in the threadlocking and sealing applications and which can be packaged in a conve ...


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The adhesives and sealants comprise a pure polyol component I having a long pot time, a polyolcomponent II having a short pot time and containing aminohydroxy compounds, and a commercially available prepolymer containing free isocyanate groups. The polyol components I and II are mixed with one anoth ...

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Adhesives and sealants based on rubber are described which contain, besides conventional constituents, stereo specific OH-terminated polybutadiene liquid rubber as the principal component and thereby have improved adhesion and improved fracture behaviour. The adhesives and sealants described are par ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a surface modified inorganic oxide powder having a reduced amount of residual volatile components.SOLUTION: The surface modified inorganic oxide powder is obtained by the surface treatment of an inorganic oxide powder with the use of a treating agent obtained by diss ...

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A complete decreased mistake-proof high-reliability waterproofing system is revealed that integrates the waterproofing membrane, drain panel, and abrasion-protected filter fabric, using a factory-controlled process; furthermore, the system incorporates intrinsic devices for installation verification ...


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Surface insensitive, storage-stable, single-package liquid anaerobic adhesive and sealant compositions which are substantially free of amines, especially aromatic and tertiary amines, and imides, especially sulfimides such as saccharine and saccharine-type compounds.

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A tissue adhesives and sealant formed by reacting a polyglycerol aldehyde with a water-dispersible, multi-arm amine is described. The tissue adhesive and sealant may be useful for medical and veterinary applications, including, but not limited to, wound closure, supplementing or replacing sutures or ...