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Improved sealants and adhesives derived from polyisocyanates having aromatically linked -NCO groups are cured at ambient temperatures when combined with a curing agent comprising an imino- and enamino-functional compound. These two component resin systems may be employed in fabricating multi-substra ...

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Anaerobic curing compositions useful as anaerobic adhesives and sealants are described. These compositions comprise mixtures of polymerizable acrylic and substituted acrylic monomers together with a catalyst comprising an alpha-amino sulfone compound.

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(EN) The present invention relates in a first consideration to aldimines of formula (I). Said aldimines are particularly suitable as latent hardeners in curable compositions, particularly compositions comprising one or two-component isocyanate groups. Due to the presence of the reactive group, they ...

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Pressure sensitive structural adhesive and sealant compositions comprising: (a) a polymer system comprising from 95 to 15 percent by weight of a telechelic polymer and from 5 to 85 percent by weight of a heterotelechelic polymer wherein at least one of the functionalities thereon is the same as the ...

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A sheet material (10) comprises a substrate layer (16) carrying a laminate of an adhesive layer (14) and a sealable layer (12), the adhesive layer providing a means whereby the substrate layer can be repeatedly detached from and reattached to the sealing layer by way of the adhesive layer. The subst ...

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A pack for transporting flowable air and moisture sensitive adhesive and sealant materials which consists of a transport container having a closed bottom end and an open top end, a collapsible inner bag having a sealed lower end and a foldable open upper end wherein the collapsible inner bag is remo ...

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The invention herein is a solvent free process for producing UV curable adhesive and sealant compositions comprising a monool, tackifying resin, and a monohydroxylated epoxidized polydiene polymer which is comprised of at least two polymerizable ethenically unsaturated hydrocarbon monomers wherein a ...

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Adhesive and sealant systems based on epoxy resins, polyurethane, silane-terminated polymers, silicones, unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl ester resins, acrylates, polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl ether, ethylene vinyl acetate, ethylene-acrylic acid copolymers, polyvinyl acetates, p ...

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The invention provides adhesive and sealant compositions prepared from urethane prepolymers. The urethane prepolymers are obtained by reacting the novel urethane diols, polyester polyols and polyether polyols with an excess of diisocyanate. The urethane diols are prepared by reacting excess low mole ...

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This invention related to a tissue-adhesive sheet comprising a homogeneous, preformed and cross-linked matrix formed from one or more polymers, and having at least one surface that, in use, is exposed, at least one of said one or more polymers being a synthetic polymer and having appendant functiona ...