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Compositions of a) a silicone resin characterized by an intermediate region free of acrylic groups, at least 150 siloxane units long, and terminal acrylic groups; b) at least 10% of a fumed silica filler; and c) a photoinitiator, can be cured by UV irradiation to tough elastomeric materials useful i ...

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Thermally stable hot applied plastisol compositions are especially useful in the assembly of metal parts. The compositions have adhesive and sealant qualities which allow them to be used in automotive assembly plants. Compositions of the invention comprise as major ingredients finely divided polyvin ...

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The invention herein is curable adhesive and sealant compositions and a non-aqueous solvent free process for producing such compositions which comprise a mono-ol, tackifying resin, and a monohydroxylated epoxidized polydiene polymer which is comprised of at least two polymerizable ethylenically unsa ...

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Articles of manufacture are disclosed which are funicularly shaped articles comprising a core of a hot-melt adhesive at least partially encased in a sheath of a plastic resin. Extended lengths of such articles can be wound upon a tubular core for each feed and delivery to a hot-melt adhesive extrude ...

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The present invention relates to adhesive and sealant compositions in non-flowable form. More particularly, the present invention relates to non-flowable adhesive and sealant compositions which are particularly useful in the threadlocking and sealing applications and which can be packaged in a conve ...

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Radial or star asymmetric block copolymer of the following formulae and improved adhesive and sealant compositions containing them

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A coating, adhesive or sealant composition curable by Michael reaction comprises (A) a Michael acceptor which is a compound or polymer containing at least two activated olefinic double bonds and (B) a Michael donor which is a compound or polymer containing at least two nucleophilic groups. The doubl ...