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Anaerobic curing compositions useful as anaerobic adhesives and sealants are described, said compositions comprising mixtures of polymerizable acrylic and substituted acrylic monomers and diazonium salts at latent polymerization catalysts therefor.

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Thermally stable hot applied plastisol compositions are especially useful in the assembly of metal parts. The compositions have adhesive and sealant qualities which allow them to be used in automotive assembly plants. Compositions of the invention comprise as major ingredients finely divided polyvin ...

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Sheets, such as films and gasket material, and coatings which are adhesive in nature can be made from a thermoplastic polymer by plasticizing the polymer with an anaerobic adhesive, i.e., a mixture of a polymerizable liquid acrylate ester monomer and a peroxy polymerization initiator.

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Hot melt adhesive and sealant compositions based on alkali metal ionomers of random copolymers of ethylene, methyl acrylate, and one or more carboxylated monomers have improved high temperature viscosity stability when the composition contains 0.05-10 phr of ammonium polyphosphate.

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This invention is directed to polymers (including oligomers) that contain (N-substituted carbamoyloxy)alkanoyloxyalkyl acrylates, to a process for their preparation by reacting the carbamoyloxy alkanoyloxyalkyl acrylates with other ethylenically unsaturated monomers, and to coating, ink, adhesive, a ...

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Radial or star asymmetric block copolymer of the following formulae and an improved tape assembly using the copolymers and improved adhesive and sealant compositions containing them


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This invention is directed in general to polymers (including oligomers) that contain carboxyl-terminated lactone acrylates, to a process for their preparation, and to coating, ink, adhesive, and sealant compositions (including the cured coatings, inks, adhesives, and sealants) that are obtained by c ...

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The present invention relates to adhesive and sealant compositions in non-flowable form. More particularly, the present invention relates to non-flowable adhesive and sealant compositions which are particularly useful in the threadlocking and sealing applications and which can be packaged in a conve ...

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A method of fabricating a substrate module is provided that includes cavities of a diameter and depth which take into account the statistical variance in the dimensions of C4 solder balls. By constructing cavities with the proper dimensions, electrical connection between the chip and substrate, via ...