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A system and method for wirelessly transferring content to and from a vehicle, in particular, an aircraft. The content includes, for example, data, voice, video and multimedia, that can be wirelessly exchanged over a wireless communication link between an aircraft and a ground station while the airc ...

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Method and system for improving the security of storing digital data in a memory or its delivery as a message over the Internet from a sender to a receiver using one or more hops is disclosed. The message is split at the sender into multiple overlapping or non-overlapping slices according to a slici ...

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Low complexity channel estimation techniques for orthogonal frequency division modulation (OFDM) systems. The channel estimation techniques may be applied to IEEE 802.11a/g and 802.16 systems.

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A system and a method are described for monitoring a medical care environment. In one or more implementations, a method includes identifying a first subset of pixels within a field of view of a camera as representing a bed. The method also includes identifying a second subset of pixels within the fi ...

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A first wireless device including a timing module and a scheduling module. The timing module is configured to determine a timing of a plurality of discovery windows in a network. A discovery window is a time period in which (i) the first wireless device and (ii) one or more second wireless devices i ...

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Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and apparatuses to enable subscribers of mobile wireless communication devices to view, research, select and customize service plans; to create and manage device groups, share and set permission controls for service plans among devices in device groups; to mana ...

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A method and system for storage and retrieval of blockchains with Galois Fields. One or more blocks for a blockchain are securely stored and retrieved with a modified Galois Fields on a cloud or peer-to-peer (P2P) communications network. The modified Galois Field provides at least additional layers ...

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A method and system for determining and verifying a location of a network device of an automated vehicle (i.e., driverless, etc.) and/or an occupant of an automated vehicle in emergency situations from automated vehicles. The method and system provide a current physical geographic location for the a ...