Yamada Tomohiro: (Ja) コンテンツ出力装置, (En) Content output device. Sanyo Electric, Yamada Tomohiro, YAMADA Yoshito, January 27, 2005: WO/2005/008505 (125 worldwide citation)

(EN) When an N-th radio station server (200) is selected, an Internet radio device (10) receives streaming contents from five radio servers (200, 200, ...) of N-2-th to N+2-th radio servers, writes them in five buffers, and reads out and reproduces only the streaming content from the N-th radio stat ...

Munetsugu Toshihiko: (Ja) コンテンツ出力装置、コンテンツ出力方法、コンテンツ出力プログラム、及び集積回路, (En) Content output device, content output method, content output program, and integrated circuit. Matsushita Electric Industrial, Munetsugu Toshihiko, NAKAJIMA Shiro, June 21, 2007: WO/2007/069452 (1 worldwide citation)

(EN) A content output device capable of computing the file size of a simply and quickly transmittable content having a discontinuous point when the content is transmitted according to a pull protocol. The content output device computes the file size of a transmission content with a simple arithmetic ...


[ZH] 内容输出设备、内容输出方法、控制设备和控制方法, [EN] Content output device, content output method, control device, and control method. April 1, 2015: CN132778542

[EN] The invention provides a feature for fully promoting maintenance of user heart health. Provided is a content output device provided with: a selector for selecting content corresponding to a user's condition, and a magnetic field pattern corresponding to the content; a content outputter for outp ...