Reinhard Dahlberg: Solar cell arrangement. Licentia Patent Verwaltungs G m b H, Spencer & Kaye, September 22, 1981: US04291191 (41 worldwide citation)

A solar cell arrangement comprises a first plate or disc of light transmissive material, one side of the first plate or disc having a structure of light transmissive elevations tapering parabolically and cut off parallel to the surface of the plate or disc at the level of their focal points or lines ...

Reinhard Dahlberg: Method of producing electrical contacts on a silicon solar cell. Licenta Patent Verwaltungs, Spencer & Kaye, July 19, 1983: US04393576 (28 worldwide citation)

A method of producing electrical contacts on a Silicon Solar Cell comprises stamping contact shapes from a carrier with a metallic film or foil adhered thereto and applying the stamped out film or foil to the silicon surface to adhere thereto while removing the carrier therefrom.

Reinhard Dahlberg: Silicon layer solar cell and method of producing it. Licentia Patent Verwaltungs, Spencer & Kaye, June 28, 1983: US04390743 (25 worldwide citation)

A silicon layer solar cell comprises a low resistance silicon substrate produced by powder metallurgy, to which an active silicon layer is applied. The invention also includes a method of producing such a solar cell.

Reinhard Dahlberg: Method for producing a semiconductor layer solar cell. Licentia Patent Verwaltungs, Spencer Kaye & Frank, May 22, 1984: US04449286 (24 worldwide citation)

A method for producing a semiconductor solar cell in which a layer of semiconductor material is applied to a substrate by means of plasma spraying. The energy density in the plasma zone is maintained sufficiently high that the semiconductor vaporizes and is brought out of the plasma zone in the form ...

Reinhard Dahlberg: Method of producing silicon. Licentia Patent Verwaltungs, Spencer & Kaye, March 22, 1983: US04377564 (24 worldwide citation)

A method of producing silicon comprising producing a plasma in a gas flow laden with at least one silicon compound so that the silicon compound is reduced or decomposed to silicon and transporting the silicon which may have reacted with other material if present in the plasma and reaction products o ...

Reinhard Dahlberg: Electrode system for a fuel or electrolysis cell arrangement. Licentia Patent Verwaltungs G m b H, Spencer & Kaye, August 17, 1982: US04344832 (20 worldwide citation)

An electrode system comprises two discs or plates forming an anode and a cathode, each of the discs or plates having a structure of parallel ridges and grooves on at least one of the main surfaces, the discs or plates being assembled together with their structures facing and orientated so that the r ...

Dahlberg Reinhard Dr: Thermoelement branch with directional quantization of the charge carriers.. Dahlberg Reinhard, July 24, 1991: EP0437654-A1 (19 worldwide citation)

A description is given of a thermoelement branch (10) which consists of a structure of multiple alternating thin layers (2, 3), wires (8') or films (7) which are aligned parallel to the heat flow (1) through the thermoelement branch (10). The free path length or the De Broglie wavelength of the char ...

Reinhard Dahlberg: Thermoelectrical arrangement. Spencer & Frank, January 8, 1985: US04492809 (13 worldwide citation)

A thermoelectrical arrangement comprises a thermocouple element, each limb of which has a heat flow at one point such that a large temperature gradient is present and, as a result, the specific heat conduction at this point is reduced.

Dahlberg Reinhard Dr: Field-effect transistor and process for its production.. Licentia, January 21, 1981: EP0022483-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

Es wird ein Feldeffekt-Transistor beschrieben, der mit einem p/n-, MOS- oder mit einem Schottky-Feldeffekt-Kontakt versehen sein kann. Der Strompfad zwischen Drain und Source ist in kleinflächige Strompfade unterteilt, die über die Feldeffekt-Kontakte beeinflusst werden.

Dahlberg Reinhard Dr: Process for producing silicon.. Licentia, November 11, 1981: EP0039417-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

Es wird ein kostengünstiges Verfahren zur Herstellung von reinem Silizium beschrieben, bei welchem die Reduktion einer Siliziumverbindung zu elementarem Silizium in der Plasma-Zone eines Gas-Stromes erfolgt. Das erzeugte Silizium, das in diesem Prozess auch gleichzeitig dotiert werden kann, wird auf ...