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A weapon for subduing and restraining includes a harmless projectile that is connected by means of a relatively fine, conductive wire to a launcher which contains an electrical power supply. The projectile is intended to contact a living target without serious trauma and to deliver an electric charg ...

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A hand-held contact shock producing and nonlethal stun device wherein the electrical circuitry therein includes an oscillator coupled to an inverter transformer which, in turn, cooperates with an output transformer and spark gap device to produce a high voltage, short duration, low current arc acros ...

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A weapon for subduing and restraining includes an electrical power supply. The magnitude and frequency of the electrical impulses delivered to the target provide energy in excess of 0.001 joules and ranges in effect from immobilizing to potentially "lethal" levels.

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An electrical impulse-type immobilization weapon having both the capability for launching two tethered electrodes at a remote target, as well as for contacting, by means of two spaced apart contacts, a target located immediately adjacent the weapon. Furthermore, the present invention provides a nove ...

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The heating system for an operating table comprises a multi-layer heating pad (2) having at least one heating segment (12a, 12b, 12c, 12d) which is adapted for being electrically heated and which is pervious to X-rays. A control and regulating unit (3) serving to control or regulate the heating curr ...

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Method and apparatus for controlling a domestic animal to prevent it from moving into or out of a predetermined area wherein a signal emitting wire is placed to surround the area, and a low-powered, high voltage receiver circuit is mounted to the animal such as through a collar for receiving the sig ...

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A method of modifying a polymeric material which comprises the steps of activation-treatment and a hydrophilic polymer-treatment, or comprises the steps of activation-treatment, a hydrophilic polymer-treatment, and monomer grafting in this order, or comprises the step of a solvent-treatment followed ...

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A wire-less dart adapted to be projected by a gun and capable of applying an electrical pulse of sufficient energy to stun a target. The dart includes a photovoltaic cell responsive to a coherent electromagnetic energy source, such as a laser, for converting the beam energy to an electrical pulse. T ...

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A method for reducing a dielectric constant of a film includes (i) forming a dielectric film on a substrate; (ii) treating a surface of the film without film formation, and (III) curing the film. Step (i) includes providing a dielectric film containing a porous matrix and a porogen on a substrate, s ...

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A method for coating at least a portion of a medical device is provided. The medical device has an insulator layer overlying an electrode on the insulator layer. The method includes arranging a liquid agent on at least the portion of the medical device. The method further includes applying an electr ...