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A food item is wrapped with plastic film or other dielectric substrate having a very thin coating thereon which controls the microwave conductivity when the package is placed within a conventional microwave oven. The plastic film or other substrate and its coating conform to a substantial surface po ...

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The food package includes a flexible wrapping sheet of dielectric material, such as polyester or paperboard, capable of conforming to at least a portion of the article of food's shape. The dielectric wrapping sheet has a flexible metallic coating thereon, such as aluminum, in the form of a relativel ...

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A disposable food receptacle for use in microwave cooking is disclosed which includes a provision to brown the exterior of the food in the receptacle. A thin layer of an electrically conductive material, such as an elemental metal is incorporated into the receptacle on the food contacting surfaces t ...

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The heating effect of a microwave susceptor can be improved by providing a pattern of microwave transparent areas in the susceptor. The transparent areas are preferably circles having a diameter of about 0.5 inch. The distance between adjacent circles is preferably about 0.5 inch. The susceptor may ...

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A method and device for enhancing the heating of a surface layer of an article being heated by microwave energy is characterized by directing the energy through the surface layer into a main portion of the article in such a manner that the modes of the energy are in cut-off in the surface layer.

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A microwavable container includes an outer sleeve (12) and an inner tray (14) within the sleeve designed to carry a food product. A first active microwave energy heating element (28) is on the sleeve and disposed opposite the tray. A second active microwave energy heating element (74-102) is within ...

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An abuse-tolerant microwave food packaging material includes repeated sets of metallic foil or high optical density evaporated material segments disposed on a substrate. Each set of metallic segments is arranged to define a perimeter having a length equal to a predetermined ratio of the operating, o ...

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A container has a patterned susceptor region in the bottom, a fold region between the bottom and the sidewall of the container, a sidewall region, and a flange region that forms a flange or lip of the container. The patterned susceptor region includes arrangements of microwave-interactive features d ...

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A microwave browning and crisping sleeve as well as a package assembly and method of microwave heating of food using the sleeve, wherein a paperboard strip has a microwave interactive layer affixed over one surface of the paperoard strip, the paperboard strip being subdivided by fold lines into at l ...

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The structure includes a layer of flexible electroconductive material normally opaque to microwave radiation and having a plurality of apertures therethrough dimensioned to permit microwave energy to pass through to the interior of the foodstuff and to produce thermal energy at the surface of the fo ...