Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry, Vincent A Piucci Jr: Apparatus and method for producing bags and foam-in-bag cushions. Sealed Air Corporation, October 29, 2002: US06472638 (25 worldwide citation)

A bag forming apparatus and method that features a single drive unit for operating both a drive roller and cross-cut mechanism with the drive motor assembly being internalized within the drive roller. The bag forming apparatus and method also features a easy slide in, slide out edge sealer and vent ...

Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry, Suzanne M Scott, Jason A Rittenhour, Jack Crane: Heating element for high-speed film-sealing apparatus, and method for making same. Sealed Air Corporation, Alston & Bird, January 29, 2008: US07323665 (4 worldwide citation)

A heating element for a film-sealing apparatus comprises a heating wire segment formed of a first metal having a first reflectance to laser radiation of a predetermined wavelength. The heating element further comprises a first conductor lead comprising a wire having one end joined to a first end of ...

Brian Thomas
Kaifeng Liu, Brian Thomas, Steven Charlebois: Hydrogels with gradient. Zimmer, Cook Alex, November 22, 2011: US08062739 (2 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a hydrogel article having a multi-layered structure and exhibiting a gradient in polymer molecular weight. The invention also provides a method of forming a hydrogel article having a multi-layered structure and exhibiting a gradient in polymer molecular weight.

Fujita Tatsuya, Sugihara Toshinori, Ochi Hisao, Kawasaki Masashi, Ono Hideo: Active matrix substrate and its producing process. Sharp, Kawasaki Masashi, Ono Hideo, September 30, 2004: JP2004-273732 (2564 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain an active matrix substrate in which a TFT is protected effectively against static electricity by providing a short circuit member having a convenient structure of high charge dispersiveness and functioning even after a packaging process thereby substantially eliminati ...

Mark E Thompson, Yujian You, Andrei Shoustikov, Scott Sibley, Paul E Burrows, Stephen R Forrest: OLEDs doped with phosphorescent compounds. The Trustees of Princeton University, The University of Southern California, Kenyon & Kenyon, October 16, 2001: US06303238 (878 worldwide citation)

Organic light emitting devices are disclosed which are comprised of a heterostructure for producing electroluminescence wherein the heterostructure is comprised of an emissive layer containing a phosphorescent dopant compound. For example, the phosphorescent dopant compound may be comprised of plati ...

Marc A Baldo, Diarmuid F O Brien, Stephen R Forrest: Structure for high efficiency electroluminescent device. The Trustees of Princeton University, Kenyon & Kenyon, August 1, 2000: US06097147 (825 worldwide citation)

A light emitting device including a pixel having a substantially transparent anode; a hole transporting layer over the anode; an emission layer over the hole transporting layer; a blocking layer over the emission layer; an electron transporting layer over the blocking layer; and a cathode in electri ...

George G Mueller, Ihor A Lys: Multicolored LED lighting method and apparatus. Color Kinetics, Foley Hoag & Eliot, January 18, 2000: US06016038 (820 worldwide citation)

The systems and methods described herein relate to LED systems capable of generating light, such as for illumination or display purposes. The light-emitting LEDs may be controlled by a processor to alter the brightness and/or color of the generated light, e.g., by using pulse-width modulated signals ...

Vladimir Bulovic, Stephen R Forrest, Paul Burrows, Dmitri Z Garbuzov: High efficiency organic light emitting devices with light directing structures. The Trustees of Princeton University, Kenyon & Kenyon, November 10, 1998: US05834893 (673 worldwide citation)

An organic light emitting device (OLED) structure having reflective surfaces is fabricated in a pit formed in a substrate. The pit has slanted reflective side walls which redirect light that is waveguided in the organic layers of the OLED to a direction substantially normal to the plane of the subst ...

Kenneth Schofield, Mark L Larson, Keith J Vadas: Vehicle headlight control using imaging sensor. Donnelly Corporation, Van Dyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, August 18, 1998: US05796094 (667 worldwide citation)

A vehicle headlamp control method and apparatus includes providing an imaging sensor that senses light in spatially separated regions of a field of view forward of the vehicle. Light levels sensed in individual regions of the field of view are evaluated in order to identify light sources of interest ...

Stephen R Forrest, Paul Burrows, Dmitri Z Garbuzov: Displays having mesa pixel configuration. The Trustees of Princeton University, Kenyon & Kenyon, July 18, 2000: US06091195 (641 worldwide citation)

A multicolor organic light emitting display device employs angle-walled blue, green and red emitting mesas, with optional metal reflectors on the angled walls, in a plurality of pixels. The angle-walled mesas, which resemble truncated pyramids, direct light out of the mesa by reflection from the mes ...