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A data collection system for, and methods of, providing reliable store-and-forward data handling by encoded information reading terminals can utilize ad-hoc peer-to-peer (i.e., terminal-to-terminal) connections in order to store data that is normally stored on a single terminal only, in a redundant ...

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Various wireless network components offer increased flexibility, ease of use, functionality and performance in many demanding applications in diverse fields of use. In particular, a wireless multi-function network device for use on a wireless communication network can serve multiple functions and dy ...

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A portable encoded information reading (EIR) terminal for incorporation in a data collection system can comprise a terminal module communicatively coupled to a wireless interface module via a wired interface. The terminal module can include a central processing unit (CPU), a memory, and an encoded i ...

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[en] Messages in a wireless multi-hop network comprising two or more rows of nodes are routed from a source node to a destination node along a path which zig-zags between a first row of nodes and a second row of nodes.

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Embodiments herein use a real-time closed-loop system to optimize a wireless network. The system includes a drone controlled by a self-organizing network (SON) to retrieve RF data corresponding to the wireless network. In one embodiment, the SON provides the drone with a predetermined path through t ...

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Disclosed are systems and methods for responding to a web page request from a mobile device by providing the network address of a server hosting content formatted for the mobile device. The systems and methods include means and ways for redirecting a request for URL resolution from a DNS server to a ...

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An enhanced mobile communication device communicates directly with other enhanced mobile communication devices in an ad-hoc mode over a wireless medium. The device transmits and receives packets of digital data. The packets of digital data are such that when transmitted, the probability that they wi ...

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A method for determining a processed audio signal, comprising: establishing an ad-hoc network between a plurality of handheld devices, each handheld device having a microphone; picking up a plurality of audio signals with each microphone of the plurality of handheld devices; distributing the plurali ...

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A method for providing unequal allocation of rights among agents while operating according to fair principles, comprising assigning a hierarchal rank to each agent; providing a synthetic economic value to a first set of agents at the a high level of the hierarchy; allocating portions of the syntheti ...

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In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag substrate for the mounting of a plurality of RF network nodes. In this way, data communications among the plurality of RF network nodes may be coordinated such that the plurali ...