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A handheld pocket terminal (22) having a display screen (40) and a bar code reader (42).

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A configurable logic array comprises a plurality of configurable logic elements variably interconnected in response to control signals to perform a selected logic function. Each configurable logic element in the array is in itself capable of performing any one of a plurality of logic functions depen ...

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An automated method for alerting a customer that a transaction is being initiated and for authorizing the transaction based on a confirmation/approval by the customer thereto. In accordance with one illustrative embodiment, a request to authorize the transaction is received, wherein the request incl ...

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A communication system for identifying, locating, tracking and communicating for other purposes with large numbers of tags in a time and energy efficient manner. The tags are associated with items located in a communication region that is interrogated by an interrogator on a one-to-many basis using ...

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An electronic monitoring system monitors an abuser for compliance with a protective order. When a violation is detected, the system automatically gathers evidence, independent of any that may be provided by the victim of the abuse, to establish probable cause of such violation. The monitoring system ...

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