Maged Beshai
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An ATM switch architecture expandable to multi-terabits/s uses data transfer in a heterogeneous burst of a constant length. It employs rotators connecting stages in a three-stage switch configuration. In one embodiment, the cells are sorted at ingress and a matching process is performed between the ...

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In current voice telephony, CATV, and wireless networks, traffic is channelized for both access and transport. This channelization is wasteful of resources where multiple services have varying demands for bandwidth and holding times, or a service generates traffic that is bursty in nature. The inven ...

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An audiographics conferencing arrangement for use in a business communication system allows the conferees to exchange displayed text and/or graphics stored locally in their respective data terminals. The conferees may change the displayed text and/or graphics and such changes are automatically distr ...

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A switched integrated wideband and narrowband multiservices digital network (FIGS. 1 and 2) is an ISDM providing universal information services based on wideband and narrowband voice, data, and video communications. It comprises a plurality of service areas (100, 101), each served by a central switc ...

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A Scalable Multimedia Network providing integrated networking of data, voice, video and image services over a variety of access facilities including metallic loops, fiber/coax or digital fiber is disclosed herein.

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The Area Wide Centrex service is provided in a telephone communication network having a plurality of interconnected central office switching systems, each at a different location. Each of the central office switching systems connects to a number of local telephone lines, a number of which can be des ...

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A video conferencing network for providing videos, audio, and data communication between remote video terminals. Each of the video terminals transmits and receives video, audio, and data information through the network. The network includes a central switching network for receiving audio and video i ...

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A high capacity metropolitan area network (MAN) is described. Data traffic from users is connected to data concentrators at the edge of the network, and is transmitted over fiber optic data links to a hub where the data is switched. The hub includes a plurality of data switching modules, each having ...

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STM traffic, e.g. voice and video telephony (VT), as well as packet mode (e.g. ATM) traffic, e.g. broadcast digital video, interactive television, and data, are transmitted via a multiple access broadband fiber/coaxial cable network. Customer premises equipment (CPE) at stations, and a bandwidth con ...