Aggelos Katsaggelos
Serhan Uslubas, Aggelos K Katsaggelos, Faisal Ishtiaq, Shih Ta Hsiang, Ehsan Maani: Digital image compression by resolution-adaptive macroblock coding. Motorola, Northwestern University, Motorola, Penny Tomko, January 6, 2011: US20110002391-A1

Disclosed is an image encoder that divides a digital image into a set of “macroblocks.” If appropriate, a macroblock is “downsampled” to a lower resolution. The lower-resolution macroblock is then encoded by applying spatial (and possibly temporal) prediction. The “residual” of the macroblock is cal ...

Aggelos Katsaggelos
Faisal Ishtiaq, Shih Ta Hsiang, Aggelos K Katsaggelos, Ehsan Maani, Serhan Uslubas: System and method of optimized bit extraction for scalable video coding. Motorola, Northwestern University, Motorola, Law Department, April 15, 2010: US20100091841-A1

A device for use with a frame generating portion that is arranged to receive picture data corresponding to a plurality of pictures and to generate encoded video data for transmission across a transmission channel having an available bandwidth. The frame generating portion can generate a frame for ea ...

Powell Robert D, Nitzberg Mark J: Method and system for digital image signatures.. Interactive Home Systems, February 2, 1994: EP0581317-A2 (396 worldwide citation)

A method and system for embedding signatures within visual images in both digital representation and print or film. A signature is inseparably embedded within the visible image, the signature persisting through image transforms that include resizing as well as conversion to print or film and back to ...


Eifrig Robert O, Chen Xuemin, Luthra Ajay: Prediction and coding of bi-directionally predicted video object planes for interlaced digital video. Gen Instrument, September 9, 1998: EP0863674-A2 (190 worldwide citation)

A system for coding of digital video images such as bi-directionally predicted video object planes (B-VOPs) (420), in particular, where the B-VOP and/or a reference image (400,440) used to code the B-VOP is interlaced coded. For a B-VOP macroblock (420) which is co-sited with a field predicted macro ...

Sasaki Seishi, Katou Yoshikazu: Video signal recording and reproducing apparatus. Matsushita Electric, March 12, 1997: EP0762756-A2 (179 worldwide citation)

The video signal recording and reproducing apparatus of the invention includes: a receiving section (1-3) for receiving a television signal; an image compression section (4-7) for compressing an amount of information per unit time of the received continuous video signal; a writing section (8) for in ...

Nguyen Hugh Phu, Wong Ping Wah: Dynamic generation of multi-resolution and tile-based images from flat compressed images. Hewlett Packard Co, December 29, 1999: EP0967788-A2 (169 worldwide citation)

The inventive mechanism (11) dynamically builds multi-resolution images from stored, compressed images (13). The inventive mechanism will operate with any type of compressed images, provided that the compressed files are in the transform domain, for example, JPEG images. The inventive mechanism uses ...

Murakami Tokumichi C O Mitsubi, Asai Kohtaro C O Mitsubishi de: Interframe coding apparatus.. Mitsubishi Electric, February 6, 1991: EP0411675-A2 (132 worldwide citation)

An interframe coding apparatus performs motion detection and vector quantization on the basis of a block of interframe differential signals and includes a vector quantizer. The data of the interframe differential signal or the block scanning predictive error signal is compressed using a vector quant ...

Dachiku Kenshi C O Intellectua, Yamaguchi Shogo C O Intellectu, Ozeki Kazuo C O Intellectual P, Takahashi Katsumi C O Intellec, Omokawa Mitsunori C O Intellec, Kuratate Takaaki C O Intellect: Video encoder, video decoder, and video motion estimation apparatus.. Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co, September 7, 1994: EP0614318-A2 (126 worldwide citation)

A video coding apparatus insuring a high coding efficiency even at a low bit rate is provided. The apparatus comprises a moving object analyzer 2 which extracts a moving part from an input picture signal, analyzes its motion and outputs a residual signal relative to a reconstruction image and motion ...

Golding Leonard S, Garlow Ronald K: Reduced rate sampling process in pulse code modulation of analog signals. Communications Satellite Corporation, Sughrue Richard C, December 31, 1974: US3858240 (112 worldwide citation)

A composite color TV signal having the chrominance modulated and interleaved at the null points of the luminance frequency spectrum is comb filtered only over the region where the chrominance occurs. The filter separates luminance from chrominance. The chrominance is further demodulated and separate ...