Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Bernd Sitzmann, Fred Charles Thomas III, Paul Boerger, John Michael Main: Conducting surveillance using a digital picture frame. April 5, 2012: US20120081547-A1

Embodiments disclosed herein relate to conducting surveillance using a digital picture frame. A digital picture frame may comprise a sensor and a storage medium. The digital picture frame may receive surveillance information from the sensor and store the surveillance information in the storage mediu ...

Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Fred Charles Thomas, Oliver Brandt, John Michael Main, Derek W Hanson: Video display systems. January 26, 2012: US20120019646-A1

Various embodiments of the present invention arc directed to video display systems. In one embodiment, a video display system comprises a display screen; and a video capturing system. The video capturing system is configured to capture line-of-sight video images of a video display user's face and ey ...

Erkin B. Nurgaliov
叶尔肯 拜山: 地铁车厢内自由空间监测与提示系统. 叶尔肯 拜山, June 20, 2012: CN201110327526.7


Brian Hoffman
David Scott, Wenyi Zhao, Brian D Hoffman, John D Stern, Tao Zhao: Augmented stereoscopic visualization for a surgical robot using a captured visible image combined with a fluorescence image and a captured visible image. Intuitive Surgical, Patent Dept, Intuitive Surgical, October 29, 2009: US20090268012-A1

An endoscope with a stereoscopic optical channel is held and positioned by a robotic surgical system. A capture unit captures (1) a visible first image and (2) a visible second image combined with a fluorescence second image from the light. An intelligent image processing system receives (1) the vis ...

Brian Hoffman
David D Scott, Wenyi Zhao, Christopher J Hasser, Brian D Hoffman, Paul Lilagan, Ian McDowall, Catherine J Mohr, John D Stern, Tao Zhao: Augmented stereoscopic visualization for a surgical robot. Intuitive Surgical, Patent Dept, Intuitive Surgical, October 29, 2009: US20090268015-A1

A robotic surgical system positions and holds an endoscope. A visible imaging system is coupled to the endoscope. The visible imaging system captures a visible image of tissue. An alternate imaging system is also coupled to the endoscope. The alternate imaging system captures a fluorescence image of ...

Hooven Michael Dawson: Endoscopic surgical system with sensing means.. Ethicon, July 21, 1993: EP0552050-A2 (680 worldwide citation)

An endoscopic surgical system which includes an instrument for carrying out a step i the procedure. The instrument is power operated and the system includes sensing means to control the operation of the instrument.

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Rear-view device for a motor vehicle, including at least one camera (1) arranged at the rear of the vehicle (2) and a display assembly (10, 11, 12) located in the usual field of view of the driver, characterised in that the camera (1) can pivot on its support (4) about a vertical axis (7) in such a ...

Giang Nguyen Hoang: Electronic side rear-view (wing mirror) device for motor vehicles. Renault, August 21, 1992: FR2672857-A1 (141 worldwide citation)

Electronic side rear-view device for a vehicle, comprising a camera (2) and a display screen (3) connected together by an optical transmission means (4), characterised in that the camera (2) is located inside the vehicle and in that it takes its pictures through an optical reception block (1).

Schofield Kenneth, Larson Mark: Automatic rearview mirror and vehicle interior monitoring system using a photosensor array. Donnelly, August 13, 1997: EP0788947-A1 (138 worldwide citation)

A compartment image data storage system for an automotive vehicle. Photosensor array means (32) are provided for sensing light levels in at least a portion of a vehicle compartment and generating photosensor array signals. Furthermore, determining means (46) coupled to the photosensor array means (3 ...

Ihnatowicz Edward: Method of presenting visual information. Univ London, May 2, 1984: GB2128842-A (136 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus are disclosed for presenting visual information to an operator. The apparatus comprises a movable camera (13,14) for producing an image or means for producing an image which simulates that produced by a movable camera. A monitor (19,20) presents the image to the operator in su ...