Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
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A scanning device has a scanning portion and an integral storage device. The scanning portion optically scans an image and converts the scanned image into a digital image, and provides the digital image at an output. The integral storage device has an input for receiving the digital image and a bay ...

Watson Hugh Alexander: Compact flatbed page scanner. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, Wilde P V D, February 18, 1975: US3867569 (44 worldwide citation)

A compact flatbed page scanner for facsimile transmission is described. The apparatus uses a linear charge coupled imaging device (CCID) for both light detection and electronic scanning across the width of the page. Compactness is achieved by folding the optical path from the scanned line to the CCI ...

Ito Kensuke, Shimizu Tadashi, Sugino So: Paper identifying and collating device and paper identifying and collating method. Fuji Xerox, April 2, 2004: JP2004-102562 (32 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To simultaneously satisfy three factors such as safety that is, securement of originality or prevention of forgery, convenience that is, easiness at everywhere, and a low cost.SOLUTION: This system is provided with an observation part 4, which observes a random pattern image th ...

Lloyd Lester John: Document scanner. Decision Consultants, August 14, 1973: US3752558 (31 worldwide citation)

A 90.degree. reflector scans a flat document to reflect an image of part of the document into a plane parallel to the document. Then a 180.degree. reflector reflects the image back toward a detection station. A transport made of a cable and pulleys moves the 180.degree. reflector at one-half the spe ...

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An X-Y scanning mechanism wherein a first carriage is incrementally moved by a motor driven lead screw along a pair of parallel, spaced-apart rods in the Y direction and supports a second carriage which is shuttled back and forth in the X direction on a pair of spaced-apart, parallel second rods by ...


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This invention relates to scanning apparatus and, more particularly, to equipment for reading visual material and converting it to an electrical signal representative of the visual image for retransmission to a recorder located at a remote location.

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A method for exposure of patterns described in one or several databases containing geometrical descriptions of said patterns by means of writing with a focussed laser light onto substrates which are photosensitive at the wavelength of the laser light, comprising the steps of moving the substrate (10 ...

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A scanning apparatus (100) including a movable scan carriage (220) and separate fixed object focal planes (314,324) for scanning transmissive a nd reflective original documents. The object focal plane to be used is selected by changing the position of a single mirror (320) within the scan carriage b ...

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A scanner focuses a beam of radiant energy, in the order of one micron diameter, and this beam is scanned over a graphic representation, such as a photographic negative or film positive. The amount of radiant energy passing through the graphic representation varies with the density of the image at a ...