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A trouble-shooting mechanism is incorporated into a telephone service technician's portable computer unit, to enable a craftsperson, to respond to a trouble ticket. By analyzing multiple sources of information, including user inputs from the craftsperson, parametric data embedded in the trouble tick ...

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A device for detecting the presence of spurious energy on a bus based network. The device identifies the subscriber location (21) which is the source of spurious energy and includes disconnection capability (36) to remove that subscriber location (21) from the network.

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A remote loop-back terminating unit adapted to test a telephone line extending between a central station and a customer's terminal equipment located at a remote point. The unit is interposed between the remote end of the line and the customer's equipment and is normally transparent to intelligence s ...

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Telephone line testing from a remote location such as a testing facility is accomplished by providing a disconnect switch at the interface connection of the line to suitable customer equipment. A known impedance is provided at the interface connection point such that by passing a signal from the tes ...

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One of the two lines (e.g. tip and ring) linking a telephone company network with a network owned and serviced by a customer of the telephone company is connected through a Zener diode with a relay, which controls two normally-closed switches disposed in the two linking lines. During normal operatio ...

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There is disclosed an apparatus, which is located at a subscriber equipment installation, for remotely disconnecting the subscriber equipment from the subscriber line and its associated central office equipment to facilitate testing of the central office equipment. The apparatus comprises a means fo ...

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The instant invention relates to a device that permits a telephone line (loop) to be tested from a telephone central office, thereby eliminating the expense resulting from a visit by a repairman to a subscriber's premises. The disclosed device is responsive to an audio tone of a predetermined freque ...

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Line condition reporting and subscriber polling apparatus employs a central processor for accessing subscriber cable pair via one of plural interface circuits, a trunk selection matrix, a test or no-test trunk, and the subscriber's central office.Subscriber lines may be seized in accordance with man ...

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Apparatus is provided for remote testing of the condition of a telephone communication line to the point of interfacial connection between the line and customer equipment. The apparatus includes sensing means responsive to a trigger signal inserted onto the line at the telephone company end, the tri ...

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A channel characteristic of a transmission channel (CHANNEL) between a remote terminal (RT) and a central office (CO) is estimated by collecting information in the remote terminal (RT), transferring this information from the remote terminal (RT) to the central office (CO) and matching the received i ...