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A computer includes a virtual machine controlled by a hypervisor. The virtual machine runs a virtualized operating system with running processes. A security initialization module sets the state in the virtual machine to pass execution from the virtual machine to the hypervisor responsive to a proces ...

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The transmission of data (e.g., a computer file) from one or more content sources over a network to one or more replicated servers is scheduled and performed according to the schedule. The content sources request the schedule from a network resource scheduler. The scheduler receives the requests and ...

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This invention discloses a system and method for selective erasure, encryption and or copying of data on a remote device if the remote device has been compromised or the level of authorization of a roaming user in charge of the remote device has been modified.

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In a computer network, a broker mechanism allocates a plurality of servers, each having an available resource capacity, to a plurality of clients for delivering one of several services to the clients. The broker operates by monitoring a subset of all available servers capable of delivering the reque ...

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The APPARATUSES, METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR A SECURE RESOURCE ACCESS AND PLACEMENT PLATFORM (“SRAP PLATFORM”) provides a secure supporting infrastructure within a corporate network framework and applications based thereon for use and placement of corporate resources. A non-trusted device may be authori ...

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For use with a network having server sites capable of being browsed by users based on identifiers received into the server sites and personal to the users, alternative proxy systems for providing substitute identifiers to the server sites that allow the users to browse the server sites anonymously v ...