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A radar jamming signal generated by equipment carried by a target aircraft, is launched onto the leading end of a towed single wire transmission line so as to travel the length of the line as a nonradiating surface wave. A drogue radiator is attached to the trailing end of the line for radiating the ...

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The invention provides a system and method in which users may join a communication mode such that the multimedia content received by the user is closely matched to a predefined profile. The content may be transmitted by unicast, multicast or radio broadcast. Moreover, depending on an individual&apos ...

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According to an embodiment of the present invention jamming energy is allocated to a plurality of emitters based on a three-dimensional (3-D) emitter geolocation technique that determines the geolocation of radio frequency (RF) emitters based on energy or received signal strength (RSS) and/or time d ...

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An electronic whistle in the form of broad band radio frequency interference generator. A broad band generator generates a coherent or random noise signal which is modulated by an audio signal which corresponds to an audible warning signal such as a whistle or a siren. The modulated signal is then u ...

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The communication device which converts the voice data to the text data and displays the text data on the display of the communication device, wherein the text data includes alphanumeric data retrieved from the voice data.

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