Durga Malladi
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Method and apparatus for reducing interference in a wireless communication system when the source of interference is a deterministic component of the system. In one embodiment, the receiver weights the transmitters according to when the source of interference is transmitted. Further, the transmitter ...

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai, Stacy W Nichols, Todd D Morris: ATM service scheduler using reverse-binary scattering and time-space mapping. Nortel Networks Corporation, March 7, 2000: US06034960 (26 worldwide citation)

A method for scheduling low delay-jitter cell transmissions for multiple streams of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) traffic from a node is disclosed. Cells belonging to multiple streams of virtual circuits (VCs) and virtual paths (VPs) are stored in the node's memory. A link controller scans a time ...

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai: Method and apparatus for a flexible access rate common-memory packet switch. Nortel Networks Corporation, Max R Wood, September 12, 2000: US06118792 (13 worldwide citation)

A method of controlling asymmetrical port access in a common-memory (CM) multi-port data packet switch and a high-capacity flexible access rate CM data packet switch are described. The method involves providing a common-memory-access control table which defines a unique contiguous band of CM access ...

Ganesh Sundaram
Gongyuan Yao, William Miller, Lee Shombert, Fang Gao, John Diab, Ravi Singhal, Stephane Muszynski, Ganesh Sundaram, Thomas Eric Ryle, Hitesh Amin: Method and system for supporting distance extension in networks having Y-cable protection. Cisco Technology, Cindy Kaplan, July 21, 2009: US07565442 (2 worldwide citation)

A method and system for communicating state information between a local device and a remote device across a transport network is disclosed. Each of the local and remote devices operate independently from one another and at least one of the devices is configured for one-way traffic protection. The me ...

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai: Scheduling in a fast optical switch. Nortel Networks, McGuinness & Manaras, January 8, 2008: US07317726 (1 worldwide citation)

In a fast optical switch comprising a plurality of star couplers, channel switching, Time Division Multiplex (TDM) switching, or both may be provided. The operation of the fast optical switch is enabled by a fast scheduler comprising at least two scheduler modules. The throughput of the optical swit ...

Glenn T Edens, Donald Robert Hoover, Roger Charles Meike, Timothy Andrew Ryan: Synchronous network for digital media streams. Centillium Communications, Fenwick & West, August 26, 2003: US06611537 (809 worldwide citation)

A network adapter for a synchronous logical ring network operates on existing physical twisted-pair telephone topologies. Information propagates around the logical ring, reaching every device on each revolution around the network. Network devices are full-duplex, transmitting and receiving informati ...

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A distributed memory switching hub interconnecting heterogeneous local area networks operating at different transmission speeds for receiving, storing and forwarding frames of data. The distributed memory switching hub employs a distributed memory architecture in which memory storage for frames of d ...

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An improved method for dynamically and centrally managing a network which is being partitioned into Focal Point (FP) nodes and non-FP (NFP) or serviced nodes. Each FP node provides management services to an assigned group of non-FP nodes. The names of the non-FP nodes are maintained in a table calle ...

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A communication network and process for communicating thereon is disclosed which can support multimedia communications. Communication channels are formulated using a two step process. In a first step, channel types and fixed attributes thereof are defined. When needed, one or more channels of the pr ...

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A multiplexing and distribution system is provided for use in a digital data distribution system for multiplexing block data which represent predetermined quantities of information with stream data representative of a continuous flow of information onto a single distribution channel. The multiplexin ...