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A method for allocating and resizing a link on a communication medium is provided. The utilization of an allocated link is monitored and an unused bandwidth thereof is determined. Upon request for allocation of a second link, at least a portion of the unused bandwidth is included in the bandwidth of ...

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Expanding the coverage of a time-shared network comprising electronic edge nodes interconnected by bufferless fast-switching optical nodes is enabled by combining spatial switching with temporal switching. The output side of each edge node preferably connects to a large number of core switches throu ...

Maged Beshai
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A high capacity switching node comprises a lattice structure of low-latency switch units and a plurality of balanced connectors interfacing electronic edge nodes to diagonal subsets of said switch units. The edge nodes may be collocated with the switch units or remotely located. The switch units may ...


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A method is used for collecting information at the session level for a multiple node distributed processing system. A first component software program monitors all packets passing through a node and extracts packet headers having a predetermined format from all nodes. A second component software pro ...

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A method and system of adaptive channel allocation in a frequency division multiplexed system is provided. In the method and system a subset of M subcarriers is chosen from a larger set of N subcarriers available for communications on a link. As communications take place on the link, signal quality ...

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A terminal for use within an unknown regulatory domain, and a computer program product and method for configuring the terminal, are provided. The terminal can comprise first program instructions to actively scan one or more domain independent channels in a frequency band, second program instructions ...

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Techniques are described for providing managed virtual computer networks whose configured logical network topology may have one or more virtual networking devices, such as by a network-accessible configurable network service, with corresponding networking functionality provided for communications be ...

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A system, method, software and related functions are provided for managing activity in a radio frequency band that is shared, both in frequency and time, by signals of multiple types. An example of such a frequency band is an unlicensed frequency band. Radio frequency energy in the frequency band is ...

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A network usage monitoring module is provided for monitoring network usage at a network access point, i.e. network traffic aggregation point, typically at a gateway device or a similar network interface device. As such, the network usage monitoring module can monitor the usage of a number of network ...