Charles Mao
Joseph C Cook, Xiaoping Charles Mao: Dense WDM in the 1310 nm band. MCI Communications Corporation, March 28, 2000: US06043914 (16 worldwide citation)

Dense wavelength division multiplexing within a 1310 nm band is accomplished over a single mode fiber. Carrier wavelengths are selected from within two windows, a low subband and/or a high subband, on either side of a guardband. The guardband includes the zero dispersion wavelength .lambda..sub.0 of ...

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai: Self-configuring distributed switch. Nortel Networks, McGuinness & Manaras, April 24, 2007: US07209454 (2 worldwide citation)

An optical channel switch comprising independent optical space switches interconnects electronic data-switch modules to form a high-capacity wide-coverage network. The optical channel switch connects incoming wavelength-division-multiplexed (WDM) links each originating from a data-switch module to o ...

Charles Mao
Andrew Niall Robinson, Xiaoping Charles Mao: PMD characterization across multiple optical channels of an optical link. WorldCom, March 9, 2004: US06704510

A fiber optic communications link having PMD characterization across multiple optical channels to identify PMD problems. The communications link has adaptive PMD controls employed along the optical link, whereby PMD phenomena detected by instruments, such as PMD compensators, are interpreted as bein ...

Douglas D Tang: Fiber optic antenna remoting for multi-sector cell sites. GTE Laboratories Incorporated, Victor F Lohmann III, August 16, 1994: US05339184 (274 worldwide citation)

A base station in a cellular communications system is connected to a plurality of remote cellular sites by a communications link having a base terminal coupled to a remote terminal by two optical fibers. The base terminal receives RF downlink channels from the base station and optically transmits th ...

Tomasz P Jannson, Kevin W Shirk, Behzad M R Moslehi, Richard C Kim: Multiwavelength data communication fiber link. Physical Optics Corporation, Niles & Niles, January 11, 1994: US05278687 (200 worldwide citation)

An optical multi-channel data communication link transmits data from a transmitter to a remote receiver. The link includes a multimode laser diode source connected to the transmitter, a device for modulating the source with each channel of data to generate a modulated light wave, and a wavelength di ...

Allan Farber, Dmitri Petrov, Howard Loboda: Communications system. Foxcom Wireless, Darby & Darby, October 19, 1999: US05969837 (155 worldwide citation)

This invention discloses a wireless communications station including a base unit including a communications interface for communicating with plural wireless communications networks, a received communications combiner for combining received communications signals received from the plural wireless com ...

Mithat Can Dogan, Stephen Deane Stearns: Communication apparatus for transmitting and receiving signals over a fiber-optic waveguide using different frequency bands of light. TRW, Noel F Heal, October 30, 2001: US06310704 (138 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for transmitting and receiving signals over a fiber-optic waveguide using different frequency bands of light, i.e. by wavelength division multiplexing. A plurality of signal couplers interfaces modulated signals onto the waveguide in separate optical frequency bands, and a plurality of sig ...

Woo H Paik, David Grubb III, David E Charlton: Dynamically responsive CATV system with shared fiber optic link. General Instrument Corporation, Edward W Callan, August 4, 1992: US05136411 (138 worldwide citation)

A CATV system uses a single single-mode optical fiber for transmitting a composite optical signal containing television signals in different frequency channels for a plurality of subscriber terminals from a headend terminal to a distribution terminal, and converts the transmitted signals at the dist ...

Leo Thompson, Frank Little, Rezin E Pidgeon Jr: Method and apparatus for transmitting broadband amplitude modulated radio frequency signals over optical links. Scientific Atlanta, William A Marvin, March 2, 1993: US05191459 (136 worldwide citation)

An optical communications system including a plurality of modulated radio frequency carriers which span more than an octave in bandwidth. In one implementation, the carriers are grouped into ranges which span less than octave in bandwidth and separately transmitted over uique optical links. In anoth ...

Atul Kumar Srivastava, Thomas Huntington Wood, John Lehrer Zyskind: Two-wavelength WDM Analog CATV transmission with low crosstalk. Lucent Technologies, Jeffery J Brosemer, November 21, 2000: US06151145 (128 worldwide citation)

A two-wavelength WDM analog CATV transmission system which utilizes wavelength channel spacing of about 2.2 nm and laser-dithering. The system includes a pair of optical transmitters (DBF lasers), a pair of modulators, a dithering device, a polarization controller, a 3-dB combiner, an optical amplif ...

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