Jon R Brooks, James M Jensen, Roberta M McConochie, Susan V Osborn, Amy E Pearl, Carole M Schmidt, Ann B Seiler, Carol P Stowell, Thomas W White, Wylie Wong: Compliance incentives for audience monitoring/recording devices. The Arbitron Company, Eugene L Flanagan III, Curtis Morris & Safford, January 9, 1996: US05483276 (266 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods are provided for promoting use by an audience member of a portable broadcast exposure monitoring and/or recording device in accordance with a predetermined usage criterion. A sense signal is provided indicating whether the device is being carried with the person of the audience m ...

W Hampton Pitts, Ronald G Thomas: Monitoring and reporting system for remote terminals. Access Corporation, Neuman Williams Anderson & Olson, January 9, 1990: US04893248 (265 worldwide citation)

A system is disclosed for monitoring and accumulating data indicative of viewer authorized pay per view TV programs at each of a plurality of remote terminals, wherein each remote terminal is coupled illustratively by non-dedicated telephone lines to a host computer at a central station. The remote ...

Edward Rowland Grauch, John Christopher Batten, Fred Thomas Danner III, Scott R Swix, John R Stefanik: Method and system for tracking network use. BellSouth Intellectual Property Corporation, Bambi F Walters, Walters & Zimmerman, January 3, 2006: US06983478 (261 worldwide citation)

An interactive media delivery system enables interactive media programming to a multimedia device and also tracks a subscriber's use of the multimedia device. For example, the device tracks events, such as a change in programming, a change in channel selection, and/or the subscriber's interaction wi ...

Eiji Ohga, Masahiko Kawasaki, Kazushi Sakuma, Tatsuo Takahashi, Ryusuke Tozaki: CATV system with an easy program reservation. Pioneer Electronic Corporation, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas, November 7, 1995: US05465385 (261 worldwide citation)

Based on in-band data transmitted from a center facility that include titles, start times, lengths and channel numbers of respective programs of linked channels, the titles and start times are displayed together with selection numbers on a TV receiver upon depression of a schedule switch by a user. ...

Bruce E Lovett: Television information system. Banner Birch McKie & Beckett, May 22, 1984: US04450477 (257 worldwide citation)

This television information system transmits selected video picture information to one of a number of subscribers who have television sets connected to the system. First, the subscriber makes a selection by transmitting a request to the head end. A central computer interprets the request, searches t ...

Jay C McMullan Jr, David B Burleson, Paul Borsetti Jr, John T Filion: Secure authorization and control method and apparatus for a game delivery service. Scientific Atlanta, Banner & Witcoff, August 5, 1997: US05654746 (256 worldwide citation)

A communications system for the delivery of digital data programs to a remote location includes a transmitter for transmitting a signal having the digital data programs and a communications terminal located at the remote location. The communications terminal includes a control circuit including auth ...

John E Faust, John R Meier: Method for automatically collecting and delivering application event data in an interactive network. U S West Technologies, Brooks & Kushman, May 12, 1998: US05752159 (253 worldwide citation)

A method is disclosed for automatically collecting and delivering multimedia application event data in an interactive network. The interactive network includes a server and a plurality of client stations. In operation, an event of a multimedia application at a first client station is identified. An ...

Joseph C Haddad: Interactive audiovisual distribution system. F Chau & Associates, June 6, 2000: US06072982 (244 worldwide citation)

A distribution center according to the present invention is capable of handling requests from a plurality of subscribers for accessing programs in a central audiovisual library. The subscriber requests may specify a variable time allowance interval within which a requested program may be delivered.

Eduardo J Moura, James C Long: Remote link adapter for use in TV broadcast data transmission system. Hybrid Networks, Townsend and Townsend Khourie and Crew, September 13, 1994: US05347304 (243 worldwide citation)

A hybrid transmission system is provided to transmit and receive high-speed digital information in the form of variable length packets using standard television practices and components. The basic building block of this hybrid digital transmission system is the device at the remote location that rec ...

Ralph W Brown: Integrated broadcast application with broadcast portion having option display for access to on demand portion. Time Warner Entertainment Co, Homer L Holland & Hart Knearl, September 8, 1998: US05805154 (241 worldwide citation)

An interactive integrated application, having a broadcast portion and an on-demand portion, is provided to a user station via a communication network. The broadcast portion of the application is broadcast over a first channel to a plurality of user stations from an application source. The broadcast ...

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