Fred Thomas
Arias Salvador Luis, Comer Edward Irby, Dunn Roy Curtis, Frerking Melvin Duane, Danner Fred Thomas Iii, Bergen Richard Sammis Jr, Elliott Sidney Walker, Evans Thomas Franklin, Chambers Craig Brent: Asymmetric data communications system. Bellsouth, March 18, 1998: EP0829167-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

An asymmetrical data communications system (ADCS) provides point-to-multipoint television programming including conventional television programming, near video-on-demand (NVoD) or video-on-demand (VoD), and the full variety of available programming, via a compressed, digitized UHF transmission. A pr ...

Marc Lanoiselee
Marc Lanoiselee, Pierrick Louin: Radio Broadcasting Method and Transmitter Using Pre-Filtering and Corresponding Signal. Tdf, Westman Champlin & Kelly Pa, December 20, 2007: US20070291865-A1

The disclosure relates to a radio broadcasting method for a first multicarrier digital signal occupying a first frequency band adjacent to at least one second frequency band, each assigned to a second signal. Pre-filtering is applied to the said first signal before its emission so as to attenuate th ...

Marc Lanoiselee
Lanoiselee Marc, Louin Pierrick: Method and simultaneous radio broadcast transmitter using a pre-filtering of the multi-carrier digital signal. Tdf, February 22, 2006: EP1627479-A2

L'invention concerne un procédé de radiodiffusion d'un premier signal numérique multiporteuse (51) occupant une première bande de fréquence adjacente à au moins une seconde bande de fréquence affectée chacune à un second signal (52, 53).On applique audit premier signal un pré-filtrage (54, 55), avan ...

Crosby Murray G: Communication including submerged identification signal. Audicom Corporation, Ryder McAulay Fields Fisher & Goldstein, October 29, 1974: US3845391 (322 worldwide citation)

A technique for identifying a program with an identification code in which the code is modulated onto an audio frequency subcarrier and transmitted with the program. A short time period, narrow band width window is cut out of the program material to accommodate the code carrying modulated audio subc ...


Meunier Paul Louis, Artigalas Max, Staron Alain: Procedure and device for recording and reproducing, comprising a high capacity recording carrier. Thomson Multimedia, January 15, 1997: EP0753964-A1 (190 worldwide citation)

The procedure for recording and broadcasting audio and/or video information in the form of individual programmes includes the selection of one or more transmission channels to receive, and the coding the received signals in digital format. These are then recorded on a large capacity recording medium ...

Reiber Hans, Linsenmaier Guido: In-house distribution facility for a broadband communication system. Int Standard Electric, April 30, 1986: GB2166328-A (184 worldwide citation)

An in-house distribution facility has an interface unit (1) which provides a connection to the broadband communication network (2, 3). Between the interface unit (1) and the subscriber terminals (6, ..., 11), e.g., television sets, video recorders, stereophonic radio receivers, video and audio signa ...

Walker Stephen S, Sidlo Clarence M, Teare Melvin J: Video control system.. Gte Laboratories, October 9, 1991: EP0450841-A2 (150 worldwide citation)

A video control system includes a central facility (11) and a terminal (10). Video program means provided the terminal with a video program including a series of television fields including a first field containing both a random digital code encrypted according to a code encryption key and program i ...

Arai Yuko, Nagao Takeshi, Fujita Kenichi, Suzuki Takayuki: Receiving apparatus for processing the program information. Matsushita Electric, June 23, 1999: EP0924927-A2 (146 worldwide citation)

A program information storing section (2) stores program information including program name, program start time, and channel discriminating information. A program information search section (4) searches the program information stored in the program information storing section (2) according to design ...

Kim Yoon Jung: Mobile broadcast receiver for decoding broadcast services selected by the user. LG Electronics, February 22, 2006: EP1628420-A2 (138 worldwide citation)

A mobile broadcast receiver and a method for decoding a broadcast service are provided. According to an aspect of the invention, the mobile broadcast receiver includes a receiver to receive a fast information channel (FIC) and a main service channel (MSC), and an FIC decoder. The FIC decoder is conf ...