Xavier Baie
Dureseti Chidambarrao, Omer H Dokumaci, Bruce B Doris, Jack A Mandelman, Xavier Baie: Stress inducing spacers. International Business Machines Corporation, Dept 18g, February 24, 2005: US20050040460-A1

A substrate under tension and/or compression improves performance of devices fabricated therein. Tension and/or compression can be imposed on a substrate through selection of appropriate gate sidewall spacer material disposed above a device channel region wherein the spacers are formed adjacent both ...

Kees Schouhamer Immink
Kornelis A Schouhamer Immink: Method of encoding n-bit information words into m-bit code words, apparatus for carrying out said method, method of decoding m-bit code words into n-bit information words, and apparatus for carrying out said method. U S Philips Corporation, Thomas A Briody, William J Streeter, Edward W Goodman, February 25, 1986: US04573034 (22 worldwide citation)

A method of encoding n-bit information words into m-bit code words and the other way round is described, which code words have a specific disparity d and a digital sum value which is limited to values p and q. In order to enable encoding and decoding without the use of an extensive look-up table, us ...

yuan xing Lee
George Mathew, Yuan Xing Lee, Hongwei Song, Liu Jingfeng, Jongseung Park: Systems and methods for adaptive equalization in recording channels. LSI Corporation, Hamilton DeSanctis & Cha, May 8, 2012: US08175201 (12 worldwide citation)

Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for performing adaptive equalization. For example, various embodiments of the present invention provide methods for adaptive equalization that include providing a data processing system with an equalizer circuit (210) and a tar ...

Kees Schouhamer Immink
Kornelis A Schouhamer Immink: Method of encoding a stream of data bits, device for carring out the method, and device for decoding a stream of data bits. U S Philips Corporation, Jack E Haken, James J Cannon Jr, August 20, 1985: US04536742 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method of encoding a stream of data bits of a binary source signal into a stream of data bits of a binary channel signal. The stream of data bits of the source signal is divided into a sequence of five permissible source words of variable length. Each of these five permiss ...

yuan xing Lee
Shaohua Yang, Yuan Xing Lee, Richard Rauschmayer, Hongwei Song, Jingfeng Liu, Weijun Tan: Systems and Methods for Noise Reduced Data Detection. April 7, 2011: US20110080211-A1

Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for data processing. For example, some embodiments of the present invention provide noise reduced data processing circuits. Such circuits include a selector circuit, a sample set averaging circuit, and a data detection circuit. ...

Moore Donald W: Functionally redundant logic network architectures with logic selection means.. Moore Donald W, Verstraete Rik A, March 12, 1986: EP0173744-A1 (771 worldwide citation)

A programmable gate structure (20) having functionally redundant architeture for enhanced production yields and reliability comprises a plurality of two-input nodes (10) at least some of which may be programmed by control states (24, 26 and 28) for changing the logical function of the gate structure ...

Eric R Fossum, Sunetra Mendis, Sabrina E Kemeny: Active pixel sensor with intra-pixel charge transfer. California Institute of Technology, Michael L Keller, Robert M Wallace, November 28, 1995: US05471515 (732 worldwide citation)

An imaging device formed as a monolithic complementary metal oxide semiconductor integrated circuit in an industry standard complementary metal oxide semiconductor process, the integrated circuit including a focal plane array of pixel cells, each one of the cells including a photogate overlying the ...

Ross H Freeman: Configurable electrical circuit having configurable logic elements and configurable interconnects. Xilinx, Skjerven Morrill MacPherson Franklin & Friel, September 26, 1989: US04870302 (718 worldwide citation)

A configurable logic array comprises a plurality of configurable logic elements variably interconnected in response to control signals to perform a selected logic function. Each configurable logic element in the array is in itself capable of performing any one of a plurality of logic functions depen ...

Harald Philipp: Capacitive sensor and array. David Kiewit, September 17, 2002: US06452514 (613 worldwide citation)

Proximity of a body, which may be a user's finger, to an electrode pair is sensed by a charge transfer capacitive measurement approach. The electrode pair thus acts as a key that can be arrayed with other electrode pairs to form a keypad, keyboard, linear slider control, or liquid level sensor. ...

Mohamed K Diab, Walter M Weber, Ammar Al Ali: Method and apparatus for demodulating signals in a pulse oximetry system. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, May 8, 2001: US06229856 (555 worldwide citation)

A method and an apparatus measure blood oxygenation in a subject. A first signal source applies a first input signal during a first time interval. A second signal source applies a second input signal during a second time interval. A detector detects a first parametric signal responsive to the first ...