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A PV system may be used in case of emergencies. Each individual photovoltaic module receives a signal to determine if it is allowed to be operational or must shut down. Modules by default are shut off and safe to handle, absent the signal and in the presence of light.

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The invention relates to a control system for direct current actuators in power electronics, based on pulse width modulation, comprising a H-bridge of four switches, each switch incorporating a bipolar transistor (T1,T2,T3,T4) and a diode (D1,D2,D3,D4) connected in reverse parallel between the emitt ...

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The control circuit comprises a timing logic unit 1, first and second drivers 2, 3 controlled by the timing logic unit, first and second transformers T1, T2, to which the first and the second drivers 2, 3, apply an unmodulated ac voltage signal A, B for bringing a semiconductor switch 12 into a cond ...

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In a semiconductor power switch driver circuit in which control signals for the power switch are applied by way of an isolating device such as a transformer or an optocoupler, faults which may occur at the power switch are arranged to be coded and signalled to the control circuitry by way of the iso ...

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High-voltage switch comprising several series-connected semiconductor switches (10-40, 11-41, 1N-4N) which are synchronously driven with control pulses of a control circuit. The semiconductor switches are combined in groups. In each case only one control line (ST10, ST11, ST1N) of the control circui ...

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A transformer-coupled drive arrangement (Figure 1) for effecting switched alternate levels of conduction in a semiconductor device e.g. a field effect switching transistor 13 comprises a drive pulse generator 14 of short (1 microsecond) intermittent drive pulses of alternate opposite polarity, a pul ...

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The switching device includes a low voltage circuit (16) which forms the primary windings of a set of transformers (118, 218...) connected in series. A set of secondary transformers (120, 220) produce switching pulses. The transformers have a toroidal core with the diameter of each of the first set ...

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The invention relates to a control circuit for a MOSFET transistor 50 used in an inverter circuit for supplying a three-phase motor. This control circuit comprises a pulsed transformer 53 and a thresholds circuit 52 containing Zener diodes Z1 and Z2 and conventional diodes D1 and D2. Operation is su ...

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The converter block OV comprises an input for a substantially direct voltage V+, V- including a first and second input terminal BE1, BE2 and an output including a first and a second output terminal BS1, BS2 for delivering between these terminals an output voltage VS with the desired characteristics. ...

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Bei Leistungsschaltern können infolge der galvanischen Kopplung der Steuersignaleingänge mit der Leistungsschaltstufe (7) und damit der zu schaltenden Last (9) Beeinträchtigungen des Steuerverhaltens auftreten. Ausserdem haben diese bekannten Leistungschalter den Nachteil, dass Ansteuerschaltung und ...