Pfiffner Harold J: Precision switching circuit for analog signals. Hughes Aircraft Company, June 19, 1973: US3740581 (32 worldwide citation)

A precision high-speed, low impedance switching circuit is disclosed which is suitable for use with video or other high frequency analog signals. A J-FET is used as the switching element but is controlled by means of a novel circuit which minimizes channel impedance modulation effects. The gate of t ...

David W Ewick, Paul N Marshall, Kenneth A Rode, Thomas C Tseka, Brendan M Walsh: Hybrid electronic detonator delay circuit assembly. The Ensign Bickford Company, Frederick A Spaeth, Law Office of Victor E Libert, July 27, 1999: US05929368 (25 worldwide citation)

An electronic delay circuit (10) for use in a detonator (100) has a switching circuit (20) and a timer circuit (22). Switching circuit (20) controls the flow of a stored charge of electrical energy from a storage capacitor (12) to a bridge initiation element such as a semiconductor bridge (18) or a ...

Bernasconi Danilo, Massa Riccardo, Re Garbagnati Guiseppe: A device for regulating power transferred to an electrical load.. Bticino, September 27, 1995: EP0674390-A1 (23 worldwide citation)

A device for regulating the power transferred from an alternating-current voltage supply (Vac) to an electrical load (L) is described and uses, as a static switch, a first switching means of the type with controllable conduction and cutting-off, for example, a power MOSFET (T1), and a second switchi ...

Pleshko Peter: Mosbip switching circuit. International Business Machines Corporation, Sughrue Rothwell Mion Zinn and Macpeak, April 22, 1975: US3879619 (23 worldwide citation)

A MOSFET-bipolar switching circuit is disclosed which exhibits the characteristics of impedance mismatch between input and output, simple biasing requirements, high speed, and low standby power. In one embodiment, an N channel MOSFET is connected to provide a shunt feedback path from the collector t ...



Musat Ciprian: Presence sensing device. Valeo Electronique, March 7, 2003: FR2829317-A1 (17 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a presence sensing device which is disposed opposite a conductive surface and which comprises: a measuring capacitance Cm, the capacitance of which can be modified following the detection of a user; a load capacitance Cc; and a power supply V which, during pre-defined time p ...

Hahn Larry Alan: Semiconductor power-switching apparatus. Texas Instruments Incorporated, October 19, 1971: US3614474 (17 worldwide citation)

Apparatus is disclosed for semiconductor switching of relatively high-current, high-voltage power loads. An SCR is connected serially with a transistor for switching of a power circuit. Control circuitry is provided for switching on the circuit by triggering the SCR and turning on the transistor. Tu ...

Maasland Hans Hermann Ing Grad: Switchgear for switch-on and switch-off.. Jungheinrich, August 28, 1991: EP0443155-A1 (15 worldwide citation)

Switchgear for switching on and off, having a high switching frequency for the purpose of inverting an electrical variable, connected to a transformer or motor, has a driver for switching MOS-FET semiconductors (17, 18), which are connected in parallel, and IGBT power semiconductors (15, 16), the MO ...

Hoffmann David C: Electronic power supply.. Hoffmann David C, Shenoy Suratkal P, November 4, 1987: EP0244186-A2 (14 worldwide citation)

An uninterruptible power supply includes removable individual power modules (10), which for example may be 10 kilowatts each and are removable from the overall system without adversely affecting the remaining modules. Each module (10) by means of pulse width modulated switching converts the line AC ...

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