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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To eliminate the influence of variance in the threshold characteristic of a driving transistor.SOLUTION: The disclosed driving circuit for the current control element has the driving transistor 6 and current control element 7 which are connected in series between a power line 1 ...

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The voltage peaks occuring upon disconnection of inductive loads are normally attenuated by a by-pass diode connected in parallel with the load. The driving countervoltage is thereby limited to the value of the forward voltage drop of the diode. For a power MOSFET with a source-side inductive load, ...

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A buffer circuit includes a main buffer circuit section formed of a pair of complementary input side transistors the bases of which are connected together to an input, a dummy circuit section having the same circuit construction as the main buffer circuit section, and a feedback signal section compa ...

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An integrated semiconductor circuit includes an output stage and a control circuit. The output stage comprises several (e.g. four) pull-down output transistors, which are sequentially switched on for pulling down the output node, whereby four small current steps are made instead of one high current ...

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In a device for multiplexing plural analog signals, a high impedance switch, wherein the conduction state of a first field effect transistor is controlled by a second field effect transistor, is provided for expeditious switching of an input signal and minimal loading of an input source.

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A differential comparator that amplifies small swing signals to full swing signals. The differential comparator comprises a current switch having a pair of inputs coupled to receive a pair of small swing complementary input signals and a pair of complementary outputs that output complementary signal ...

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Each one of two switching transistors, driven by complementary input signals, has its conduction path connected between a different one of two output terminals and a first point of potential. Connected between each output terminal and a second point of potential are the conduction paths of a load tr ...

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A switched mode power supply includes a pair of capacitors serially connected across a supply input and a pair of switching transistors serially connected across the supply input. The output load circuit is connected between the junction of the capacitors and the junction of the transistors by way o ...

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A push-pull output driver including two transistors in series, one transistor having its body bias controlled by logic circuitry commanded by the driver input. The driver has a pair of transistors in series, the transistor inputs being complementary to create a push-pull amplifier. A switching trans ...

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A sense circuit includes first and second input nodes, first and second output nodes, first to fifth MOSFETs of N-channel type, and first and second potential setting circuits, and the first and second output nodes are precharged to a power source potential by the first and second potential setting ...