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The drive control apparatus (45) for controlling a motor (2) to drive the compressor (3) of an air conditioner, according to this invention, includes a rectifying circuit (6, 14) for converting an AC voltage into a DC voltage, an inverter (5) including a combination of a plurality of power controlli ...

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A matrix switcher apparatus for selectively outputting information signals includes a first matrix switcher unit for selectively outputting an information signal according to control signals in the form of a first communication protocol, and a second matrix switcher unit for selectively outputting a ...

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A light-emitting diode drive circuit comprising a current feeding circuit (3) having a first (16) which receives at the base thereof a first drive pulse signal (S3) sent from a signal receiving circuit, and a second transistor (15) of which the collector is connected to a light-emitting diode (2), o ...


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An uninterruptible power supply includes removable individual power modules (10), which for example may be 10 kilowatts each and are removable from the overall system without adversely affecting the remaining modules. Each module (10) by means of pulse width modulated switching converts the line AC ...

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An arrangement for driving a semiconductor device (1) has an input (12) for receiving a control signal and a control output (11) for connection to the control electrode (9) of a power semiconductor device (1) which is connected in series with a load (5) across a power supply (3,6). The arrangement i ...

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A field programmable interconnect device (FPID) selectively routes signals between signal ports in response to commands from a host controller. Each command includes an address and data. The FPID includes an array of switch cells, each interconnecting a separate pair of the ports and each having fir ...

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A high-speed driver (1) for an LED (4) includes a differentiator (3) for providing a turn-on (I) and a turn-off (I) pulse of current to the LED. The amount of charge delivered during turn-off is adjusted to sweep substantially all of the carriers from the LED without reverse-biasing the LED.

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Die Anmeldung bezieht sich auf einen Schalter mit einem als Source-Folger betriebenen MIS-FET. Bei als Source-Folgern betriebenen MIS-FET-Schaltern wird ein "Bootstrap"-Kondensator verwendet. Bei Anlegen einer Steuerspannung lädt dieser Kondensator (14) die Gate-Source-Kapazität (10) des FET (2) auf ...

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A semiconductor switching circuit is arranged to switch current from a power source 30 through a load 31 in response to switching control signals applied to first and second semiconductor switching devices, such as transistors 32, 33. The first and second transistors are connected in series and the ...