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A binary DC balanced code and an encoder circuit for effecting same is described, which translates an 8 bit byte of information into 10 binary digits for transmission over electromagnetic or optical transmission lines subject to timing and low frequency constraints. The significance of this code is ...

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A compressor parses the input data stream into segments where each segment comprises a prefix and the next symbol in the data stream following the prefix. The prefix of a segment is the longest match with a previously parsed segment of the data stream. The compressor constructs a search tree data ba ...

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A data compaction system and apparatus is disclosed which, in the preferred embodiment, includes a high speed compaction controller utilizing both read only storage and read-write storage. A compaction device according to the present invention could then be placed upon both ends of a transmission li ...

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A two-stage single pass adaptive modeling method and means for a finite alphabet first order MARKOV symbol source where the model is used to control an encoder on a per symbol basis thereby enabling efficient compression within a fixed preselected implementation complexity.

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A solid state touch switch is provided, in which, during use, a portion of the user's body, such as a finger, forms a portion of an electronic circuit to change the state of a solid state electronic device and thereby actuate the solid state touch switch. Alternative embodiments of the invention con ...

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An algorithm and the hardware embodiment for producing a run length limited code useful in magnetic recording channels are described. The system described produces sequences which have a minimum of 1 zero and a maximum of 7 zeros between adjacent 1's. The code is generated by a sequential scheme tha ...

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