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An ultrasonic delay line is described consisting of a thin, planar glass plate, in which contact is made with the associated electromechanical transducers at one of the contact sides via a contact spring part that can be moved longitudinally.

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Guided elastic waves are propagated in a waveguide, including a central core region and an outer cladding region. The bulk shear elastic wave velocity in the cladding region is larger than in the core region. The thickness of the cladding region is sufficient so that the particle displacement profil ...

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Amorphous metal alloys are employed in acoustic devices dependent upon the properties of low acoustic velocity and low attenuation. Such devices include wire, strip and bulk delay lines.

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Thin guided waveform delay lines of this invention feature a maximum thickness in the order of two 1/2 wavelengths with full width transducers coextensive with the delay line thickness providing nondispersive width-shear mode propagation characteristics. A low cost mass production method of making a ...

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Acousto-optic and ultrasonic devices are described which are dependent for their operation on certain germanium-containing compositions of the chalcogenide family of glasses. The acousto-optic devices made from these glasses exhibit high efficiencies when compared to those of devices constructed of ...

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A low loss microwave ultrasonic delay line wherein the area of the transducer over which the electric field is normal to the surface of its electrodes is substantially smaller than the cross-sectional area of the delay rod. The end of the rod opposite to the end where the transducer is mounted is sh ...

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A multifaced rod of acoustical transmitting material, for use with an object identifying apparatus, has attached to one of its ends a piezoelectric element. Preselected faces of the rod are at spaced intervals, slotted, or notched, perpendicular to the axis of the rod and to the face in which they a ...

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A delay line comprising a strip of ultrasonic solid material having a pair of elongated and generally convex major surfaces to form a contoured cross section. Acoustic wave propagation between the major surfaces is confined to a region which extends a distance A in both directions from the center of ...

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Ultrasonic devices are described which are dependent for their operation on certain germanium-containing compositions of the chalcogenide family of glasses. The ultrasonic devices exhibit acoustic losses comparable to those of devices made from fused silica.

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An ultrasonic wave delay device for delaying an ultrasonic wave signal a predetermined time by propagating the ultrasonic wave signal through a solid propagation medium, in which principal signal component reflection surfaces constituting a path of propagation for principal components of the signal ...