yuan xing Lee
Jingfeng Liu, Hongwei Song, Jongseung Park, George Mathew, Yuan Xing Lee: AGC Loop with Weighted Zero Forcing and LMS Error Sources and Methods for Using Such. LSI Corporation, Hamilton DeSanctis & Cha, July 15, 2010: US20100177419-A1

Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for gain control. For example, some embodiments of the present invention provide variable gain control circuits. Such circuits include a zero forcing loop generating a zero forcing feedback and a least mean square loop generati ...

Sokal Nathan O, Sokal Alan D: Amplifying and processing apparatus for modulated carrier signals. Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, August 19, 1975: US3900823 (274 worldwide citation)

A power amplifying and signal processing system for modulated carrier signals separately processes the amplitude component of the system input signal and the component of frequency or phase or both frequency and phase, and later recombines the separately processed components to provide an output sig ...

Peter J Black, Nathaniel B Wilson: Dual-mode digital FM communication system. Qualcomm Incorporated, Russell B Miller, Roger W Martin, May 26, 1998: US05757858 (199 worldwide citation)

A dual-mode digital communication system for communicating an information signal during operation in frequency-modulated (FM) and multiple-access modes is disclosed herein. The digital communication system includes a dual-mode transmitter for transmitting the information signal using an FM communica ...

John F Sevic, Richard J Camarillo: Efficient parallel-stage power amplifier. QUALCOMM Incorporated, Russell B Miller, Brian S Edmonston, Roger W Martin, February 16, 1999: US05872481 (188 worldwide citation)

An amplifier circuit for providing an amplified signal in response to an input signal. The amplifier circuit includes an input network for applying the input signal to a selected at least one of a plurality of amplifier stages. An output network is provided for coupling the amplified signal from the ...

Heikki Mattila, Jorma Matero, Hannu Pakonen: Dual mode amplifier with bias control. Nokia Mobile Phones, Perman & Green, July 11, 1995: US05432473 (182 worldwide citation)

A dual mode transmitter with bias control is described wherein an RF signal from a system modulator is fed to a gain control circuit, which can be either a voltage controlled amplifier or attenuator. The ultimate transmitter output power level depends on the attenuation/gain of the gain control circ ...

Tim Forrester: Systems and methods for controlling output power in a communication device. Kyocera Wireless, March 23, 2004: US06710651 (174 worldwide citation)

A wireless communication device comprises a power amplifier configured to amplify a power level of a transmit signal to a required transmit power level and a transmission line coupled with the power amplifier. The transmission line is configured to convey the amplified transmit signal. The wireless ...

Walter Bender, Daniel Gruhl, Norishige Morimoto: Method and apparatus for echo data hiding in audio signals. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cesari and McKenna, April 6, 1999: US05893067 (174 worldwide citation)

A method of hiding information in a host audio signal introduces one or more echoes into the signal. The separation in time between the host signal and an echo is associated with the value of a datum embedded in the signal. The identity of the embedded datum is determined by observing the delay betw ...

William Tom Blank, Kevin M Schofield, Kirk O Olynyk, Robert G Atkinson, James David Johnston, Michael W Van Flandern: System and method for calibration of an acoustic system. Microsoft Corporation, Shook Hardy & Bacon, December 8, 2009: US07630501 (172 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to a method and system for automatic calibration of an acoustic system. The acoustic system may include a source A/V device, calibration computing device, and multiple rendering devices. The calibration system may include a calibration component attached to each ren ...

Veikko R Saari: Amplifier with controlled gain. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, Volker R Ulbrich, April 3, 1984: US04441080 (160 worldwide citation)

Amplifier gain is varied in response to a control voltage by a switched capacitor variable transconductance feedback network. First and second capacitors are connected in series between the input and the output of an operational amplifier. The input side of the first capacitor is switched by a first ...

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