Garo Khanarian
Garo Khanarian, Robert Norwood, James Sounik, Jacquelyn Popolo, Steve Meyer: Waveguide device and method for phase matched second harmonic generation. Hoechst Celanese, Palaiyur S Kalyanaraman, June 29, 1993: US05224196 (9 worldwide citation)

In one embodiment this invention provides a frequency doubling optical waveguide consisting of a substrate-supported polymeric thin film waveguiding layer, in combination with one or more polymeric cladding layers. The waveguiding layer comprises moieties which exhibit nonlinear optical properties a ...

Dieter Joos
Dieter Joos, Marc Borremans: Differential low noise amplifier with low power consumption. STMicroelectronics, Lisa K Jorgenson, James H Morris, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C, February 13, 2007: US07176759 (3 worldwide citation)

A low noise differential amplifier has a pair of single ended common-gate or common-base circuits and cross coupling of an input of one of the pair to the gate or base of the other one of the pair. This cross-coupling puts the differential input voltage over the Gate-Source of the common-gate transi ...


Brian Joseph Budnik: Method and apparatus for operating a radio-frequency power amplifier as a variable-class linear amplifier. Motorola, R Louis Breeden, March 28, 2000: US06043707 (319 worldwide citation)

A variable-class linear amplifier (600, 800, 900) applies a supply type of envelope modulation to an RF power amplifier operating in or near compression at highest envelope amplitudes, and transitions gradually to an envelope tracking type of operation at intermediate envelope amplitudes. The amplif ...

Sokal Nathan O, Sokal Alan D: Amplifying and processing apparatus for modulated carrier signals. Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, August 19, 1975: US3900823 (274 worldwide citation)

A power amplifying and signal processing system for modulated carrier signals separately processes the amplitude component of the system input signal and the component of frequency or phase or both frequency and phase, and later recombines the separately processed components to provide an output sig ...

Charles Brian Cox, David Kent Bonds, Jay Jui Chieh Chen, Flaviu C Costescu, Joel Richard Dierks, Wayne Douglas Duello, Thomas L Frederick, Paul A Goud, Derek Stephen Hilborn, Richard Johnathan Hinkle, Terry Lee Hinkle, David E Jones, Theron Lee Jones, Patricia Fern Kavanagh, David W Kroeger, Robert Richard Leyendecker, Vladimir Pavlovic, Claudio Gustavo Rey, Ray M R Sewlochan, Emre Tapucu, Mark A Walker: Linear transmitter using predistortion. Glenayre Electronics, Christensen O Connor Johnson & Kindness PLLC, March 24, 1998: US05732333 (236 worldwide citation)

A linear transmitter (101) using predistortion includes a modulator (103), a predistorter (107), a digital quadrature modulator (111), an upconverter (113), a power amplifier (115), and an antenna (117). In addition, the transmitter (101) has a feedback loop including a coupler (119), a downconverte ...

Ian Robinson, Frank Winter: Multi-mode amplifier system. Northrop Grumman Corporation, Tarolli Sundheim Covell & Tummino L, May 9, 2006: US07043213 (202 worldwide citation)

An amplifier system is provided that switches between a linear mode of operation, an envelope tracking mode of operation and a polar mode of operation. The amplifier system switches between modes of operation based upon a characteristic of an input signal relative to a first threshold level and a se ...

Carver A Mead, Timothy P Allen: Subthreshold CMOS amplifier with offset adaptation. Synaptics, Lyon & Lyon, June 19, 1990: US04935702 (197 worldwide citation)

An integrated circuit amplifier having a random input offset voltage is adaptable such that the input offset voltage may be cancelled out. An input node is a floating input node and is coupled to a source of input signal by a first capacitor. A second capacitor is connected between the output of the ...

Bernard Eugene Sigmon: Multi-stage high efficiency linear power amplifier and method therefor. Motorola, Kevin K Johanson, July 28, 1998: US05786727 (179 worldwide citation)

A power amplifier (10) provides linear amplification of noise-like multi-carrier signals over a wide range of power levels. A power divider (40) divides an input signal for distribution in three amplifier networks (70, 72, 74) for selective amplification based upon input signal levels. Each amplifie ...

Armando Cova: Predistortion in a linear transmitter using orthogonal kernels. Glenayre Electronics, Christensen O Connor Johnson Kindness PLLC, October 31, 2000: US06141390 (174 worldwide citation)

A system for linearly transmitting an amplified output signal using predistortion is disclosed. The system uses a straight inverse modeling scheme with orthogonal predictor variables to more easily and accurately determine the inverse of the distortion caused by a power amplifier of a RF transmitter ...

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