Fred Thomas
Fred C Thomas, Paul Boerger: Noise reduction in a system. Hewlett Packard Development Company, December 27, 2011: US08085948 (24 worldwide citation)

A system comprises a plurality of storage drives coupled to logic. The logic implements a noise-reducing feature selected from a group consisting of a first feature that limits system performance based on a level of ambient noise, a second feature that staggers access transactions among said storage ...

Elias Nemer
Wilfrid Paul LeBlanc, Elias Nemer: Method and system for modeling external volume changes within an acoustic echo canceller. Broadcom Corporation, Thomas Horstemeyer, February 4, 2014: US08644522 (2 worldwide citation)

A method and system are provided in which a device, such as an acoustic echo canceller, may reduce the residual echo that may be heard at the far end of a conversation when an external speaker volume is changed. The device may compute a gain based on an echo estimate produced by a filter and on a ne ...

Xavier Baie
Dureseti Chidambarrao, Omer H Dokumaci, Bruce B Doris, Jack A Mandelman, Xavier Baie: Stress inducing spacers. International Business Machines Corporation, Dept 18g, February 24, 2005: US20050040460-A1

A substrate under tension and/or compression improves performance of devices fabricated therein. Tension and/or compression can be imposed on a substrate through selection of appropriate gate sidewall spacer material disposed above a device channel region wherein the spacers are formed adjacent both ...

Robert Rudolf Rotzoll: Highly integrated television tuner on a single microcircuit. Microtune, Fulbright & Jaworski L, April 7, 1998: US05737035 (295 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a fully integrated television receiver for receiving a standard antenna or cable input and outputting a standard video baseband signal and a standard audio baseband signal. The receiver employs an up-conversion mixer and a down-conversion image-rejection mixer in series to produce ...

Joseph Hoppe: Method of generating a unique number for a smart card and its use for the cooperation of the card with a host system. U S Philips, Jack D Slobod, November 26, 1991: US05068894 (207 worldwide citation)

A smart card (1) which includes a random access memory RAM (10) and a read-only memory PROM (7) incorporating a production key (PK), a distributor key (MK), a bearer code (CP) and a serial number (NS) generates a unique number (NU) which is stored in the memory RAM (10) in the card after execution o ...

Saila Ponnapalli, Mehmet Soyuer, John F Ewen: Method for designing high-Q inductors in silicon technology without expensive metalization. International Business Machines Corporation, Whitham Curtis Whitham & McGinn, March 5, 1996: US05497337 (204 worldwide citation)

A method of designing a high Q inductor for implementation in multiple metalization levels in conventional integrated circuit technology uses a software assisted iterative technique to achieve a design Q factor. The inductor turns utilize the multiple metalization levels to reduce inductor resistanc ...

Kenneth L Cummins, Kurt E Hecox, Malcolm J Williamson: Adaptive, programmable signal processing hearing aid. Nicolet Instrument Corporation, Lathrop & Clark, December 12, 1989: US04887299 (178 worldwide citation)

A hearing aid system utilizing digital signal processing is programmable to fit the hearing deficit of a particular use and adaptive to the sound environment to maximize the intelligibility of the desired audio signal relative to noise. An analog signal picked from a microphone is amplified, filtere ...


Shinya Morita: Resonator and a method of manufacturing the same, and oscillator and electronic apparatus including the same. Sony Corporation, SNR Denton US, September 11, 2012: US08264291 (135 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein is a resonator including, a vibrating portion having a conductor portion, and three or more insulating portions provided so as to electrically separate the conductor portion into a plurality of blocks, wherein when a potential difference is caused across both ends in each of the thr ...

David Claybaugh, Jeffrey N Denenberg, Ralph Busch, John Hohman: Active plus selective headset. Noise Cancellation Technologies, September 29, 1998: US05815582 (132 worldwide citation)

An active plus selective headset system for provision of active attenuation of broadband noise as well as speech filtering comprising a headset with reference microphones, residual microphones and speakers on each of a pair of open backed muffs and a controller means.