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A traction control system for controlling an electric traction motor drivingly coupled to a wheel of a tractive vehicle. The traction control system includes means for determining speed of the wheel, means for determining tractive effort of the wheel and a control circuitry for controlling drive sig ...

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A method of establishing a reference current for use in operating a synchronous motor. A torque-angle profile of the motor is obtained, an excitation component and a reluctance component of the torque-angle profile are obtained, and the reference current is obtained from the excitation component and ...

Chao Bi
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A runout measurement system is proposed for measuring the runout of a moving surface of a device having a rotating body, such as a mass storage device (100) (e.g. a hard disk drive) having a rotor which in use includes a rotating recording medium. A sensor (102) interacting with the moving surface o ...


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A powered surgical tool with a housing that contains a power generating unit such as a motor. A control module is disposed in a shell that is mounted in the housing. The control module contains a control circuit for regulating the actuation of the power generating unit. The power generating unit emi ...

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The invention relates to the control of a motor 10 in a power tool fitted with a rechargeable energy storage device, particularly a lithium ion battery 12. The control system protects the battery and at the same time achieves good control characteristics for the tool. An electronic circuit 15 drives ...

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A compact surgical handpiece comprises a motor energizable for moving a tool member, electric energy supply actuable for energizing the motor and a manually actuable trigger actuable to control motor operation. A motor control circuit interconnects the motor electric energy supply and trigger for ru ...

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A powered surgical tool includes a motor, a motor control module for controlling the actuation of the motor, and a trigger assembly for allowing the user to enter user-selected commands indicative of desired motor rotation. The trigger assembly includes a number of moving magnets located adjacent th ...