A. G. Kenicer
林立, 邢兆栋, 张宏: 抽油机间抽与功率切换控制装置. 石油大学, 刘芳, 北京同立伟业, July 2, 2003: CN01274782.3 (12 worldwide citation)



Somakumar R
Jeremy Thomas McGarry, Somakumar Ramachandra Panicker, Ajith Kuttannair Kumar, Venkatarao Ryali, Bret Dwayne Worden, Jeffrey Louis Daigle, Paul Kenneth Houpt: System and method for locomotive adhesion control. Patrick S Yoder, Fletcher Yoder, January 4, 2007: US20070001629-A1

A traction control system for controlling an electric traction motor drivingly coupled to a wheel of a tractive vehicle. The traction control system includes means for determining speed of the wheel, means for determining tractive effort of the wheel and a control circuitry for controlling drive sig ...

Chao Bi
Chao Bi, Kuan Teck Chang, Teck Seng Low: Method and apparatus for establishing a reference current for use in operating a synchronous motor. Laubscher & Laubscher, January 16, 1996: US05485071 (3 worldwide citation)

A method of establishing a reference current for use in operating a synchronous motor. A torque-angle profile of the motor is obtained, an excitation component and a reluctance component of the torque-angle profile are obtained, and the reference current is obtained from the excitation component and ...

Chao Bi
Quan Jiang, Chao Bi, Song Lin: Runout measurement for devices having a rotating body. Agency for Science Technology and Research, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, December 17, 2013: US08610392

A runout measurement system is proposed for measuring the runout of a moving surface of a device having a rotating body, such as a mass storage device (100) (e.g. a hard disk drive) having a rotor which in use includes a rotating recording medium. A sensor (102) interacting with the moving surface o ...


Christopher Philipp, Malackowski Don, Tague Chris M: Powered surgical tool with control module that contains a sensor for remotely monitoring the tool power generating unit. Stryker Corporation, Christopher Philipp, Malackowski Don, Tague Chris M, GOLDENBERG David S, January 4, 2007: WO/2007/002180 (357 worldwide citation)

A powered surgical tool with a housing that contains a power generating unit such as a motor. A control module is disposed in a shell that is mounted in the housing. The control module contains a control circuit for regulating the actuation of the power generating unit. The power generating unit emi ...

Lohr Guenter: Electric power tool controller avoids exhaustive discharge of battery. Bosch Robert, November 8, 2006: GB2425903-A (322 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to the control of a motor 10 in a power tool fitted with a rechargeable energy storage device, particularly a lithium ion battery 12. The control system protects the battery and at the same time achieves good control characteristics for the tool. An electronic circuit 15 drives ...

Christopher D Philipp: DC powered surgical handpiece having a motor control circuit. Stryker Corporation, Flynn Thiel Boutell & Tanis, December 7, 1993: US05268622 (301 worldwide citation)

A compact surgical handpiece comprises a motor energizable for moving a tool member, electric energy supply actuable for energizing the motor and a manually actuable trigger actuable to control motor operation. A motor control circuit interconnects the motor electric energy supply and trigger for ru ...

Michael D Good, James B Munson: Torque motor as a tactile feedback device in a computer system. Digital Equipment Corporation, Ronald E Myrick, Barry N Young, Ronald C Hudgens, February 9, 1993: US05185561 (294 worldwide citation)

A hand held, one dimensional, torque feedback device is used to feel and manipulate computer generated visual information and associated torque forces. In the preferred embodiment, molecular bond data is manipulated in a virtual reality system. The device can also be used with a workstation generate ...

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