Michael Lin 林立
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A low power switched rectifier circuit is realized using P-MOS and N-MOS FET switches that are turned ON/OFF at just the right time by a detector and inverter circuit (which form an integral part of the rectifier circuit) to rectify an incoming ac signal in a highly efficient manner. Parasitic diode ...

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An apparatus for a wireless power supply including a mechanism for receiving a range of RF radiation across a collection of frequencies. The apparatus includes a mechanism for converting the RF radiation across the collection of frequencies, preferably at a same time into DC. A method for a wireless ...

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By using a target voltage Vc* of a capacitor connected to the output side of a DC/DC converter and a voltage Vb of a battery connected to the input side of the DC/DC converter, a duty ratio D (Vb/Vc*) as a drive instruction of the DC/DC converter is calculated (S100, S102). By using the voltage Vb, ...

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An apparatus (10) for supplying regulated voltage d.c. electrical power to an LED array (12) includes a rectifier (32) responsive to a.c. power for generating rectified d.c. power and a power factor correcting and voltage regulating buck/boost switchmode converter (38) responsive to the rectified d. ...

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A DC-to-DC voltage converter is disclosed for converting the voltage from a battery to provide a power supply voltage whose value can be equal to the battery voltage multiplied by or divided by a non-integral factor, e.g. 2/3. The converter operates on the principle of capacitor charge switching, an ...

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A three-stage switched capacitor DC-DC converter capable of generating an output boosted voltage in increments of less than power supply voltage. A first stage of the DC-DC converter comprises two capacitors and three switches, which alternate a connection of the two capacitors. The two capacitors a ...

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A DC-to-DC converter generates an output voltage from an input voltage. The converter includes first and second inductive windings and a magnetic core. One end of the first winding is switched at about 180 degrees out of phase with one end of the second winding, between ground and the input voltage. ...

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A contactless power supply has a dynamically configurable tank circuit powered by an inverter. The contactless power supply is inductively coupled to one or more loads. The inverter is connected to a DC power source. When loads are added or removed from the system, the contactless power supply is ca ...

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A DC to DC power converter having reduced switching loss for operation at high frequencies. As disclosed, a buck, or forward, converter includes a first FET as the switching device in series with an inductor and a second FET as the flywheel device. At the common node to which the two FET's and the i ...