Biamonte Robert Anthony, Bogdanski Joseph William, Covi Kevin Robert, Meyer Herman Paul, Rafkind Daniel Ira: A regulated DC power supply having master and slave regulators.. Ibm, May 10, 1989: EP0315366-A2 (32 worldwide citation)

A d.c. power supply system comprises a plurality of voltage regulator power supplies (21, 23, 25) connected in a master slave configuration, the number of regulators being one greater than required to provide load current requirements. The master regulator (21) generates a control signal to control ...

Johnson Miles Carrington, Clock Donald Page: Power supply keep alive system. RCA Corporation, Norton Edward J, Tripoli Joseph S, July 16, 1974: US3824450 (30 worldwide citation)

A power supply system comprising a plurality of parallel connected voltage regulators, each regulator having a voltage control loop. Each voltage regulator is provided with a circuit which increases the reference voltage supplied to the voltage control loop so that the control loop of each regulator ...

Flachenecker Gerhard Prof Dr I, Lindenmeier Heinz Prof Dr Ing, Fastenmeier Karl Prof Dr Ing: Circuit arrangement for an inverter of a DC-DC converter.. Erbe Elektromedizin, June 20, 1990: EP0373670-A2 (23 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a switched-mode controller for direct-voltage conversion. The storage element used is not, as hitherto customary, a storage reactor but a series resonant circuit. From the current in the series resonant circuit, a control signal is derived, in the form of feedback, via a cur ...


Kolar Johann, Ertl Hans: Ac-DC converter for a d.c. voltage consumer and a method for supplying the consumer. Fronius Schweissmaschinen K G, February 24, 1993: GB2258958-A (15 worldwide citation)

L'invention concerne un dispositif de conversion de tension avec un circuit consommateur de tension continue alimenté par une source de tension alternative monophasée ou multiphasée; un transformateur est agencé entre la source de tension alternative et le circuit consommateur de tension continue; u ...

Reineke Joerg, Hock Alexander: A drift-compensated piezoelectric fuel injector actuator. Bosch Robert, August 11, 1999: GB2334164-A (10 worldwide citation)

Because the capacitance of a piezoelectric actuator 1 changes with temperature and age, the charge delivered to it must be adjusted to achieve a consistent driving voltage and hence a consistent extension. The potential Up across the actuator after charging is measured and the operation of the half- ...

Franks Patrick Daniel: A switching circuit. Plessey, March 30, 1983: GB2105927-A (10 worldwide citation)

A switching circuit has a load current path which comprises a series arrangement of a Thyristor (THY1) and a transistor (TR1). The gate electrode of the Thyristor (THY1) and the gate or base electrode of the transistor (TR1) are coupled with a common switching signal input. This arrangement enables ...

Bierly Meade Goodman: Switchable high voltage power supply. AMP Incorporated, Kita Gerald K, July 1, 1975: US3892977 (9 worldwide citation)

A voltage power supply for switching incremental voltages into and out of the circuit. The power supply includes a plurality of serially connected switch elements having series and parallel arms, one of the arms of each switch element being on and the other off, the arms being controlled by a logica ...

Soar Stephen, Greenwood Simon Richard: Electric converter. Soar Stephen, Greenwood Simon Richard, November 27, 1996: GB2301239-A (8 worldwide citation)

In a voltage regulator converter circuit comprising an input 20 and an output 25, an input signal can be controlled by applying a high frequency switching signal (1KHz - 30MHz) to an input circuit 12, 13, 16 and 17. An output of the circuit is obtained via an inductor 28 and a capacitor 29. The inpu ...


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