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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To control a drive of loading signal densely and reduce power consumption.SOLUTION: This invention is comprised of light emitting diode 11 connected to microcomputer side, IGBT gate controller 20 equipped with light receiving element 21 and a push pull circuit, and bidirectiona ...

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A metal based cookware induction heating apparatus having an improved power supply and control circuit comprised of a chopper inverter including a gate controlled power thyristor coupled to and supplying an induction heating coil with periodic energization currents. A full wave rectifier supplies re ...

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A delta sigma pulse width modulator control circuit (103) uses a delta sigma modulator (201) as a first stage to create a sequence of pulses representing an input control signal. A pulse width modulator (205) weighs each pulse, accumulates the sequence of weighted pulses and defines a pulse width mo ...

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A solid state relay circuit is provided which has four terminals, two for power input, and two for signal input. The circuit consists of a full-wave diode bridge circuit having a pilot thyristor connected across its D.C. terminals. A firing control circuit also energized from these bridge terminals ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce delay in switching time, restrain the rounding of a waveform, obtain a power converter of high reliability under a severe application environment suck as vehicle mounting, and realize integration of a high voltage circuit and miniaturization of a power conversion cont ...

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First and second triggering circuits are provided within a switching circuit for supplying triggering signals to the gate of a thyristor as a function of an applied AC source. When the source exceeds a given predetermined magnitude, disabling means are effectuated which prevents a given one of the t ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a drive circuit, for a current controlled semiconductor device, for suppressing through-current, when one transistor constituting a half bridge is turned on while the other transistor is turned on in the opposite direction.SOLUTION: When a transistor T2 for driving a ...

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In a thyristor which includes a protective circuit (for example parallel resistor and capacitor connected between gate and cathode to reject interference pulses, the protective circuit is integrated with the thyristor to save space and resist vibrations. As shown, the protective circuit is integrate ...

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In a thyristor switching circuit including an LC filter, means responsive to the conduction state of the thyristor are provided for preventing the thyristor from commutating into an off state during midcycle.

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An inverter circuit comprising a first and second pair of conduction controlled switching elements for generating a pulsed wave output approximating a desired AC output waveform in response to drive signals, in which an AC reference waveform is utilized to control the switching of one of the switchi ...