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Loose or frayed fibers at the axial end of a fibrous wrap 42 about the periphery of rotor hub 10 mounting permanent magnets 22 are avoided by placing steps 40 between first and second diametral sections 36, 38 in side plates 32, 34 sandwiching the magnets 22 with the wrap preventing radial displacem ...

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The improved thermotropic LCP composition comprises 10-13 wt. % of a thermotropic liquid crystal polymer resin and 90-87 wt. % of zircon and is useful as an electrical insulator. The composition is a good electrical insulator, permits good heat conduction and experiences small thermal expansion, thu ...

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A permanent magnet rotor for an electronically commutated motor (ECM) has a core, a plurality of magnetizable elements spaced around the core, and a thin-walled retaining shell which has been stretched around the core and magnetizable elements to hold the elements in position. The rotor is made by a ...

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A housing member for an actuator assembly for adjusting the orientation of a mirror element in a mirror assembly provides integral weather seals and noise dampeners. The weather seals and noise dampeners are injection molded with or onto a base wall of the housing member to thereby form seals and da ...

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A cooling shell arrangement is assembled about an outer periphery of a housing of a dynamoelectric machine. The cooling shell arrangement comprises at least two extruded sections of arcuate shaped cooling members having cooling fins and at least two locking members fixedly holding the at least two s ...

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A method of manufacturing a disk drive, the method including providing a disk and a motor hub, the disk defining an opening, the opening having a pre-swaged inner diameter, and the motor hub defining a swage ring having a pre-swaged outer diameter. The method further including positioning the disk s ...

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In a miniature motor, a rotor being constructed by installing a magnet facing the outer peripheral face of a stator on the inner peripheral face side of a ringlike yoke made of magnetic material and coupled to a rotary shaft, is characterized in that said rotor is supported with a resin-molded disco ...

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The invention relates to electric rotary machines.It provides an electric rotary machine with a stator structure the stator teeth of which are shaped as separate elements and are bonded to the stator ring and the stator windings into a rigid assembly.

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An electric motor housing assembly (10) for electromechanical drives in automobiles is injection molded from a resin material. An armature bearing (18), mounting holes (30), and a flux ring (38) are molded in place within a housing (12) so that inner cylindrical surfaces (20 and 40) of the armature ...

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A rotor comprising a rotor shaft and a rotor core on the shaft, the core being cylindrical. A number of arcuate permanent magnets are positioned at angularly spaced positions on the outer periphery of the core, and a tubular metal sleeve is positioned around the magnets. The sleeve extends beyond th ...