Andrew J LeVesque, John K Roberts: Rearview mirror with buttons incorporating display. Gentex Corporation, Brian J Rees, Price Heneveld Cooper DeWitt & Litton, July 16, 2002: US06420800 (122 worldwide citation)

An electrochromic mirror includes a housing, a rearview mirror subassembly including a reflector in the housing, and an electrical circuit with switches adapted to interact with electrical systems in the vehicle. An elongated display area is formed in a face of the housing assembly, either under, as ...

Joseph C Perin Jr, John C Scott: Cable and termination for high voltage and high frequency applications. General Electric Company, Jerome C Squillaro, Bernard E Shay, November 24, 1992: US05166477 (121 worldwide citation)

A cable and termination for high voltage and high frequency current carrying applications includes an inner conductor having a sheath of braided metallic wire and a cylindrical core of flexible material extending within the sheath and supporting the sheath to prevent reduction in diameter of the she ...

Douglas W Phelps Jr, Robert J Redmond, William C Ward: Peripheral/area wire bonding technique. International Business Machines Corporation, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak and Seas, January 3, 1989: US04796078 (121 worldwide citation)

An electronic assembly having a semiconductor device back bonded to a first lead frame. An adhesive insulative tape is placed on the first lead frame and the device. A second lead frame is mounted on the adhesive tape. Electrical contacts by wire bonds are established between the device and the firs ...

Masashi Ikegami, Toshihiko Matsuhashi, Yoshiya Yamaue, Takashi Tanaka, Katsunori Hayashi, Daizo Takaoka: Electric working apparatus supplied with electric power through power supply cord. Sanyo Electric, Darby & Darby, July 15, 1997: US05647554 (119 worldwide citation)

An electric working apparatus includes a movable body which is driven by a movement mechanism, and the movable body is provided with a working mechanism such as an articulated robot. The movement mechanism, the working mechanism and etc. are driven by an electric power which is supplied through a po ...

Steven R Carson, Jerry D Gandre: Face plate having press-fit attachment to electrical switches, outlets and the like. Lightolier, Dennis T Griggs, February 23, 1993: US05189259 (115 worldwide citation)

A two-piece face plate assembly includes a coupling plate which is mounted between the yoke strap of a wiring device and the mounting flange of a wall box. The coupling plate has a central opening for receiving the wiring device and has first and second index pins formed at spaced locations along th ...

Shiro Sakuragi, Kyoshiro Imagawa: Flexible cable. Horiba, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack, August 2, 1983: US04396797 (115 worldwide citation)

A flexible cable suitably used as a jacket or cover for an inner conduit member such as a gas conduit or a liquid conduit, a signal transmission line, or an energy transmission line, or the like, which can provide safe use of the conduit inserted thereinto by limiting the bending radius thereof. The ...

Kerduel Christian: Dispositif de jonction de lextremite dun cable coaxial cannele helicoidalement avec un connecteur. Cables de Lyon Geoffroy Delore, February 13, 1981: FR2462798-A1 (114 worldwide citation)


William Drew Krietzman, Enrie Rillo Ballesteros, Bryan Joel Melamed: Vertical cable management rack. Chatsworth Products, Kennedy Covington Lobdell & Hickman, December 3, 2002: US06489565 (113 worldwide citation)

A vertical cable raceway for routing cables to electronic equipment includes a trough having a base member and two side members and at least one separable cable guide installed on the edge of a side member. The cable guide includes a plurality of projections forming cable rings for guiding cables la ...

Karl Yetter: Partition for dividing a device box. Hubbell Incorporated, Jerry M Presson, David L Tarnoff, January 23, 1996: US05486650 (112 worldwide citation)

A partition for dividing an electrical or telecommunications device box having a substantially planar dividing member with at least one retaining member extending therefrom for cooperating with a mounting post on the base member of the box to support the dividing member substantially perpendicularly ...

David R Hembree, Salman Akram: Circuit and method for heating an adhesive to package or rework a semiconductor die. Micron Technology, Trask Britt & Rossa, August 17, 1999: US05938956 (111 worldwide citation)

An inventive system for attaching a die to the die pad of a lead frame incorporates a resistive heating circuit into the die pad which heats up to cure an epoxy adhesive between the die and the pad and thereby attach the die to the pad. The heating circuit also heats up to loosen the adhesive so the ...

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