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A plasma ignitor system capable of injecting a high energy plasma jet into a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine or continuous combustion system. The plasma ignitor features a high energy current pulse source and a geometrically configured coaxial, dual-rail or three-rail ignitor sys ...

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An ion wind generator in which a plurality of cathodes is disposed in operable proximity to a plurality of anodes forming an array with a high-voltage electric field on the order of 10 kilovolts per centimeter impressed between them causing the formation of ions which, in turn, are attracted by the ...

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A sintered ceramic electrostatic chucking device (ESC) which includes a patterned electrostatic clamping electrode embedded in a ceramic body wherein the clamping electrode includes at least one strip of a sintered electrically conductive material arranged in a fine pattern. Due to the fineness of t ...

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A rapid heat-dissipating type spark plug has a metallic shell which is made of material having a tensile stress of more than 40 Kg/mm.sup.2 with a thermal conductivity of more than 60 W/m.multidot.k.

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A multi-purpose battery for mobile phones includes a battery casing and a charging battery unit accommodated in the battery casing. The battery unit has a positive pole connected via a contact "a" of a switching switch to positive poles of a charging contact terminal and a power supply contact termi ...

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A portable ion generator has a housing with a high-tension source disposed therein and a high-tension electrode of needle shape, projecting from the housing. The needle electrode is surrounded at a spacing therefrom by a second, annular electrode which is also connected to the high-tension source an ...

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An arrester for preventing an insulator supporting a power line from experiencing an electrical flashover comprises an electrode, a varistor, and a separating device. The electrode is spaced apart from the power line or a conductor that is electrically tied to the power line so as to define an exter ...

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Air ionizing apparatus that produces both positive and negative ions has a housing with air inlet and outlet passages, a plurality of spaced apart air ionizing electrodes and a high voltage supply which applies positive and negative voltages to separate electrodes. A fan creates an airflow that carr ...