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An organic light emitting device is provided. The device includes an anode, a cathode, and an emissive layer disposed between the anode and the cathode. The emissive layer includes material having the structure:

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Method of performing OFDR on a sample comprising steps of: providing an external-cavity frequency-tuned laser having an optical cavity of effective length; tuning the laser to generate a change in wavelength; changing the effective length of the optical cavity proportionally to the change in wavelen ...

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A fiber laser or amplifier in which the optical fiber gain medium has two or more nonconcentric core regions, each of which is capable of gain or lasing when optically pumped. The fiber may be single clad or double clad, with multiple core regions embedded within a common cladding region or within s ...

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A confocal optical scanning system using a flexible optical emissive fiber or fiber laser and having a lasing cavity defined within the fiber. The system in-couples a signal beam produced when a probe beam generated by the fiber laser is reflected from a scanned object back into the lasing cavity. T ...

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Novel optical fiber devices (amplifiers and lasers) are disclosed. The devices comprise one or more optical "cavities", depending on the type of device. The cavities typically are formed by means of in-line refractive index gratings in a length of silica-based optical fiber. The gratings typically h ...

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