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A contact for a contactor assembly is provided which is short enough for use in high frequency applications and which has a pivotable end and a pre-curved center section which deflects in combination with the pivoting of the pivotable end to provide minimal forces on contact pads when a force is app ...

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The present invention is directed to a light track device of the type which mechanically and electrically supports fixtures such as spotlights or the like at any selected position along the length thereof, the device being characterized by an improved attachment module facilitating the formation of ...

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A shunt assembly is disclosed for interconnecting closely spaced terminal contacts. The contacts of the subject shunt are strip formed in a conventional fashion with a shunting bar interconnecting adjacent pairs of contacts. The required number of contacts are cut from the carrier strip and the inte ...

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An adaptor, for insertion into a power distribution rail to feed current to the rail, comprises a housing which is shaped and dimensioned to permit the adaptor to be inserted into the open bottom of the rail in a predetermined orientation relative to the rail and thereafter to be rotated through a l ...

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A push-in type pressure lock terminal for electrical receptacles wherein the bared end of various diameter sized conductors may be inserted into a recess in the receptacle for connection with the internal conductive element thereof, and which is then held therein by a restraint element against withd ...

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The connector of this invention comprises a male connector part and a female connector part. The male connector part comprises a plurality of prongs. The male prongs are adapted for effortless insertion with substantially no force required for insertion into the female receptacle with the connector ...

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A single-bolt joint having louvered contact strips interposed the bus bars and conductor splice plates for improved electrical connection under low insertion forces is tightened to become a solid connector assembly prior to attachment to the bus bars of a first bus duct and requires no additional ti ...

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A branch electrical connection is made at any selected joint of a busway run without disturbing the joint connection in any manner apart from removing a side housing cover plate. A unitary connector assembly is plugged into the exposed side of the joint and bolted to the bus duct housing using the e ...

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An electrical terminal comprising a rigid bent sheet metal member having a first portion provided with a projecting pivot and a second portion spaced from and generally parallel to the pivot, a cam pivotable on the pivot and having an eccentric surface facing the said second portion, and a torsion s ...

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A unitary socket terminal for electronic circuits, said socket terminal having lead ingress guide means and internal lead gripping means. The guide means provides unimpeded ingress to the lead gripping means. The socket terminal may also be provided with external contact or terminal means.