Yimin DING
DING YIMIN, WANG QIANG, YANG HUIFENG, HUANG JUN: [ZH] 一种用于可穿戴设备的集成电路结构, [EN] Integrated circuit structure used for wearable equipment. BEIJING TONGFANG MICROELECTRONICS, May 27, 2015: CN137644076

[EN] The invention discloses an integrated circuit (IC) structure used for wearable equipment and relates to the technical field of wearable equipment in electronic technologies. A wireless interface unit is connected to a stabilized voltage unit through a rectifier unit. Output of the stabilized vo ...

Tarran Jones
Tarran Christopher John: A cellular radio adaptive antenna array. Roke Manor Research, August 11, 2004: EP1444752-A1

. The present invention seeks to provide an antenna array with good diversity, gain and high directivity good adaptive beamforming, good angle estimation and good sector coverage. In accordance with a first aspect of the invention, there is provided an adaptive antenna array comprising a plurality o ...

Tarran Jones
Tarran Christopher John: Adaptive antenna array with improved spatial diversity. Roke Manor Research, May 21, 2003: GB2382229-A

An adaptive antenna array comprises a plurality of parallel spaced linear arrays. A first group of closely spaced linear arrays 230 has a distance between adjacent linear arrays of about 0.5 g . A second group 240 has a wider separation between adjacent linear arrays, in the range 1 - 10 g . The ant ...

Mark L Denekamp, Marwan Hannon: Integrated cargo security system. David B Harrison, June 7, 1988: US04750197 (430 worldwide citation)

An integrated cargo transportation security system is provided for a fleet of enclosed cargo transportation containers. Each container includes a subsystem including a door sensor for sensing access door opening and closure, a module unit including a connecting frame for a removable module and cabli ...

Gronauer Volker: Antenna device with feed.. Gore W L & Ass, January 7, 1993: EP0521264-A2 (277 worldwide citation)

An antenna arrangement with a feed in the form of a coaxial cable arrangement which is suitable for radio frequencies, especially for medical heat application in body cavities, an extrusion method for its production, a dilatation catheter with the antenna arrangement, and a method for carrying out a ...

Kenichi Takahira: Antenna circuit for non-contact IC card and method of manufacturing the same. Mitsubishi Denki Kabushiki Kaisha, Leydig Voit & Mayer, August 9, 1994: US05337063 (242 worldwide citation)

An antenna circuit for a non-contact IC card exchanges signals with an external device utilizing electromagnetic waves. The antenna circuit includes a coil and a capacitor connected to form a resonant circuit. The coil includes a main coil having a spiral conductive pattern disposed on a peripheral ...

Robert R Turnbull, Robert C Knapp, Eric J Walstra: Rearview mirror with integrated microwave receiver. Gentex Corporation, Price Heneveld Cooper DeWitt & Litton, October 2, 2001: US06297781 (241 worldwide citation)

An inventive rearview mirror assembly is disclosed in which a microwave antenna is mounted so as to receive transmissions from one or more satellites through the front windshield of the vehicle. The microwave antenna may be tuned to receive satellite transmissions from a position identification syst ...

Michael L Beigel: Reactively coupled elements in circuits on flexible substrates. Precision Dynamics Corporation, Thomas P Mahoney, January 30, 2001: US06181287 (234 worldwide citation)

An RFID circuit for incorporation in an identification device which includes a polymeric substrate, the circuit being formed or integrally connected with said substrate whereby said substrate becomes a component of the RFID circuit. Ax embodiment of the circuit includes circuit components printed or ...

Kevin Kwong Tai Chung: Tamper-resistant wireless article including an antenna. Amerasia International Technology, Dann Dorfman Herrell & Skillman P C, July 16, 2002: US06421013 (230 worldwide citation)

A wireless article, such as an identification tag or badge, includes an electronic device mounted on a substrate and connected a loop antenna for receiving and/or transmitting radio frequency signals. Electrically conductive material disposed on the substrate or in holes through the substrate of the ...

Donald R Mosebrook, Richard C Compton, Joel S Spira: Compact radio frequency transmitting and receiving antenna and control device employing same. Lutron Electronics Co, Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen, April 7, 1998: US05736965 (220 worldwide citation)

A radio frequency antenna for use with a wall mounted transmitter and/or receiver for receiving and/or transmitting signals adapted to control a control device and/or indicate status of the control device. The antenna includes an insulating substrate sized to fit within an area defined by a faceplat ...

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