Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Ronald Green, Belgacem Haba, David William Wallis, Nicholas J Colella: Low loss RF transmission lines. Tessera, Tessera, LERNER DAVID et al, December 25, 2008: US20080315977-A1

A transmission structure having high propagation velocity and a low effective dielectric loss. The structure comprises a dielectric, a first reference conductor disposed below the dielectric, a signal conductor disposed above the dielectric, and a second reference conductor disposed over the signal ...

Mullett Leslie Baden: Improvements in microwave circuits. Nat Res Dev, February 27, 1952: GB667290-A (138 worldwide citation)

667,290. Wave-guides. NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. March 23, 1950 [March 4, 1949], No. 6035/49. Class 40 (viii). A microwave circuit arrangement having a number of input and output connections between certain of which power can pass without affecting other connections comprises a numbe ...

Shinohara Masatake, Mitani Tomohiko, Matsumoto Hiroshi, Adachi Tatsuhiko, Niwa Naomiki, Takagi Kenji, Hamamoto Kenichi: Wireless power transmission system in building. Kyoto Univ, Kajima, September 20, 2007: JP2007-244015 (49 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a wireless power transmission system in a building in which electromagnetic wave can be distributed to each section in the building depending on the used power amount in that section.SOLUTION: A plurality of electromagnetic wave transmission lines 10a, 10b, 10c, ... ...

Hubing James H, Mongold Gerald H: Coaxial ring rotary joint. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Levine Harold, Grossman Rene, Bandy Alva H, October 21, 1975: US3914715 (17 worldwide citation)

A tuned split coaxial ring rotary joint for a single channel or multichannel RF transmission line is disclosed. The tuned split coaxial ring means has a stator half in operable association with a rotatable rotor half. Multiple channels are formed by securing two rotor sections together within two st ...

Uno Tsuyomasa: Wide band frequency allotment type signal selection device utilizing electromagnetic coupling.. Anritsu, August 25, 1993: EP0556398-A1 (16 worldwide citation)

A signal selection device which uses distributed coupling lines and has less distortion over a wide range from a low frequency to a high frequency. Ends (2a-Na) of respective coupling transmission lines (2-N) are connected with the earth. The transmission lines (2-N) are coupled to a main transmissi ...

Rammos Emmanuel: A planar array antenna, comprising coplanar waveguide printed feed lines cooperating with apertures in a ground plane.. Rammos Emmanuel, February 28, 1990: EP0355898-A1 (15 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a planar array antenna of the kind comprising coplanar feed lines (3) disposed in a flat circuit and cooperating by microwave coupling with a metal ground plane (7) pierced by apertures (2), the feed lines presenting a termination (6) juxtaposed with each aperture, and a re ...

Domokos John: Microwave power divider. Domokos John, July 30, 1986: GB2170358-A (14 worldwide citation)

A microwave power divider comprises a Wilkinson power splitter having, from its input A, a microstrip line 4 which divides at 6 into two lines 7 and 8 each 1 DIVIDED 4 wavelength long, having their outputs B1 and C1 connected by a resistor 9. A quadrature delay in the form of a 1 DIVIDED 2 wavelengt ...

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A cross-polarized parabolic antenna employs a horn fed by two rectangular waveguides having their longer transverse dimension in a common plane, with a 90.degree. polarization rotator in the feed between the connection points of the waveguide.

Laughlin Gordon J: Wide band series-connected equal amplitude power divider. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy, July 30, 1974: US3827001 (13 worldwide citation)

A wide band series-connected equal amplitude anti-phase power divider for e in connecting an unbalanced input line to two output lines having equal impedance, i.e., to balanced outputs. The input line terminates in a solid cylinder and shielded balanced outputs have a common center conductor with a ...

La Rosa Richard: N-way power divider with remote isolating resistors. Hazeltine Corporation, September 9, 1975: US3904990 (12 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an isolated N-way power divider for operation at high frequencies. The power divider has isolating resistive terminations in the form of transmission line terminations connected to a set of transmission lines. The termination and transmission line arrangement eliminates the need for a s ...