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The conductor pattern on a dielectric substrate includes a rectangular element of finite thickness whose two surface dimensions are chosen so that each is one-half the wavelength of a desired frequency. Accordingly, the element will support two resonant orthogonal standing waves and external couplin ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an antenna system which realizes the miniaturization of antennas compatible with a plurality of frequency bands, makes a frequency band of each antenna broad, ensures isolation between the antennas, and enables the selectivity of the antenna shape to be extended ther ...

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This application describes a variety of circuit components for use at optical frequencies. Each of the components is formed from one or more transparent dielectric strips embedded in a transparent substrate of slightly lower refractive index. By suitably shaping and locating the guiding strips, powe ...

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A broad-band lumped element directional coupler for measuring either the ward or reflected power in a coaxial transmission line. A resistive voltage divider is coupled to the center conductor of a transmission line with a capacitor to keep the phase of the voltage sampling circuit equal to the phase ...

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A hybrid coupler for coupling a plurality of transmitters to a single antenna. Inductive coupling through use of variable length transmission line stubs affords tuning over a wide transmission frequency range.

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A dielectric resonator (5) is electrically connected to an input terminal (1) through a coupling capacitor (C1). A dielectric resonator (6) is electrically connected to an output terminal (2) through a coupling capacitor (C3). The dielectric resonators (5, 6) are electrically connected to each other ...

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An LC-type dielectric filter and a duplexer are disclosed. The filter (10) comprises a multilayer substrate. Each layer (2, 4 and 6) has a strip line resonator (21, 41 and 61). The filter has a plurality of terminals (11, 12 and 13) which are connected to each of the resonators. The terminals are ca ...

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A duplexer usable for both transmission and reception in a mobile communication apparatus such as a car phone has both its transmission section and reception section mounted on a single substrate. The transmission section is connected between an input terminal and an antenna terminal and includes an ...